NASA TV airing regionals?

I was in a chat with other people on FIRST teams. Someone noticed they were showing a replay of the southeast regional on NASA TV. They never broadcast that regional on tv (only webcam). Is there anyway to know when they will aire these so I can videotape the regional (unfortuanately they told us 5 minutes before the end). Thanks.

I saw it too.
Any plans to air VCU?
Dave, you know?
And I guess you are a Mike. :wink:

well i just look at nasa’s tv web site and didnt see any replays of any of the competition scheduled.

when i looked at their schedule, i noticed it was “Gallery Hour” at 2 A.M. when they aired it. I imagine they only showed finals. Hey, its on again right now and it is gallery hour also. I’ve only seen the southeast regional though.