NASA TV Feed Works!

Just in case anyone was wondering, the NASA TV feed appears to be coming through like a charm…somebody was playing with the kickoff powerpoint presentation a few minutes ago…

Thanks for that cool Kickoff Central page. Too bad I don’t think the chat will work at school where I’m leaving for in a bit.

I think someone kidnapped Woodie Flowers! Where is he!? :ahh:

  • Katie

He’s busy hunting for the guy who posted the “Confirmed Game Information” thread

eeekk… I can’t get it to load
I think it might be the java stuff…

im crossing my fingers, hopeing i can stay connected and at a reasonable quality until 12:30 (please please please).

ave’ing 353.1 kbps right now (weeeeee)


wow! where did you get that connection? I’m at 225Kbps