NASA/VCU is NOT scoring Hybrid Mode correctly!!!

It is only awarding points for crossing the alliance’s own finish line, none of the other lines are being scored. This may/may not have decided some matches already!

EDIT: It appears to be fixed now.

Is there a webcast that you are seeing this on?

Is it my corporate network, or is the webcast becoming completely choppy and unwatchable? I’ve been watching since 8:30 this morning and just started having issues.

I’ve noticed they aren’t scoring hybrid mode correctly either. Watching match 9 right now and red should have been counted with crossing at least 2 lines, maybe 3, but only received 4 points…

Since I imagine hybrid line scoring is a manual scoring process… yay for more officials who dont understand the rules!

Please remember these people volunteer their time for you and your students to participate in these events. If they are making a mistake I am sure it is being brought up and corrected.

You should have nothing but the up most respect for every one of them.

There is no point to be sarcastic. You don’t know if they are correcting the score after the match or not.

If teams aren’t getting their points they will bring it to the officials attention.

I volunteer hundreds of hours of my time to assist my team in building a robot to compete with. Never mind the volunteer work I do timing race cars during the summer. I have plenty of respect for volunteer work, when done correctly. I just don’t think its acceptable to hide one’s shoddy work behind the front of “well they’re JUST a volunteer”. If we mis-timed a race, the racers would be breathing down our neck so fast you wouldn’t know what happened.

While you’re correct, I can’t know if they’re going back and fixing scores, I don’t know how they could, since there’s no video replay (another discussion), and the ‘final’ match scores they’re posting on the webcast doesn’t appear to have any repair built in.

It just seems to me that this year is already shaping up to be one of the worst ones as far as officiating goes, despite FIRST’s attempts through ‘ref training’ and so forth. Between the GDC making IMO some bad calls (See: 1519 and Fezzik/Speed Racer), refusing to fix some not quite perfect (although livable) rules, and some of the bad calls we’ve already seen by refs (See: 1114’s yellow card at MWR, not penalizing 16 for blocking them, although to be fair the GDC only recently clarified this, again.), I’m just not very impressed. I think that by basically outlawing defensive hybrid modes, they will have basically handed events to the teams with an excellent offensive hybrid, since nobody is allowed to stop them. Teams spend countless hours building their robots (and yes, i know, its not about the game, its about the experience) only to have their creativity thwarted, and be accused of ‘lawyering’, or get shafted by officiators who don’t know the rules of the game well enough.

I’ve personally seen a head ref go to the rule book to check something out of the ordinary (a team last year started the match pre-stacked, and there was no rule against it, although I didn’t see this incident personally.) and in my opinion, they don’t check often enough.

EDIT: The original topic of this thread appears to be fixed now.

@1075guy: at least first is taking some steps towards a better group of refs. The problem is that refs are humans, and humans make mistakes. (likewise, computers are human made :. computers make mistakes).

hopefully by week 3 everyone will be up to speed. (please?)

My Opinion: It would seem while some refs/scoring know more advanced rules they don’t always seem fully grasp some of the basic ones. That or there aren’t enough personal keeping track of scoring/penalties and they are overburdend. Though I believe FIRST and crew are working 110% to fix any issues like this that can be frustrating for teams.

But they sure are calling penalties. We ran into someone during hybrid and started to drive almost on top of them and got a penalty for it.

Plus, the lap counter is being hit and miss a little too. And there have been some many G22 penalties that cost us our matches I nearly went insane.

Please note that the real-time scoring is not the official scoring. When it is off, the scoring table has been manually adjusting the scores before they are posted.

Oh, I understand how they do it, but even then we felt some points were left out… Whatever though, we shall prevail, we’ve gotten quite a few compliments about our design, even our results aren’t the best.:frowning: