NASA / VCU Videos via BitTorrent

I’m working on rendering video captures of this afternoons finals from the NASA /VCU Regionals. You will need a BitTorrent client to download them. There are free ones available at (Windows) and (others). You can find my tracker at

BitTorrent is a safe sharing protocol. After your download completes, please keep your client open for a while to allow others to share your bandwidth. The more people that do this, the faster it will be for everyone.

For advanced users, you can use the Azureus client to handle multiple simultaneous torrents in a single interface. See

I have the Final Matches posted in both WMV and MPG format currently. Working my way down through the SemiFinals and then the QuarterFinals.

1:45am update: All SF and QF matches that I have are posted. NASA TV messed up QF1M1 and I’ve got three SF2 matches. FIRST’s website doesn’t list the score for SF2M1 as it was a tie!

Lynn (D) - Team Voltage 386

Thank you. I will find these of value in my analysis of autonomous mode.

Thanks for making these available! I was just going to burn my Tivo’ed 2.5 hours of comp to DVD and fast forward but this is alot easier :slight_smile:


I have Azureus installed on my computer.
I tried opening the files by doing:
file>>open>>location>>entered the link you posted above
The answer I get is “Access was denied”

Am I doing this the right way, and if yes do you know why I got “access denied”?

Thanks in advance

Hey dude–I have a better idea.

Why not upload them to Google Video?

It’s free. You can download videos from it or include the player in your website…for free.

It’s compatible with anyone and everyone.

It doesn’t depend on seeder bandwidth, just Google bandwidth.

I’d like to see everyone with video of comps upload it to google under the production company “FIRST ROBOTICS 2006.”

That–and the specific information provided below it–will make it easily searchable.

Whaddya say? Upload them for us?


For those who seem to want it i have started uplaoding the whole VCU regional to Google Video.

link?! :slight_smile:

I had some issues with them not uploading. Ill try again and post a link.