Nasa Webcasts

Is it just me or are they really bad for both Houston and Palmetto? For some reason I am getting 8 FPS at like 160x160 off Palmetto and no sound, and a little bit better off of houston with 150kbit connection with sound. Palmetto is almost unwatchable. Does anyone else have a better link?

Are the links I have

Using those links, it seems to be moving along alright … I can see what’s going on and the sound is working just fine for me.

The picture quality might not be thre greats but hey - it’s better than nothing.

cool, thanks for the links

a little off topic, viewing the Palmetto sponsors i see that they used the same picture as my avatar but they added a tetra in the middle, looks cool!

I see that… what is the story behind that picture?

I watched started watching Houston and Palmetto from the last few matches today, Palmetto was actually better quality than Houston. I thought the Las Vegas regional would be on webcast. What happened?

I believe the Las Vegas is suppose to be on Nasa tv. use to do free Nasa webcasts at 300+kbit but they were bought out by, which makes me very sad. Its now a pay service and they no longer have nasa :frowning:

Las Vegas will be web casted but since it is on NASA TV they only show Saturday’s competition.

The Webacst is connected through a dial-up line because broadband was very expensive at Reliant. Therefore, getting a good connection is difficult, they might be releasing archives of the elimination rounds since we are recording.

FYI, the webcast for Reliant is actually connected over 128k ISDN line. The technical details mean that it’s being encoded twice, so it’ll look a bit off from that, too.

Ah I see, thank you for clearing that up.

Even though I’m not a big fan of Realplayer… why not just upload one feed? It’ll double the quality… and I’d rather there just be one type of video to view and get the overall quality improvement, even if it’s on the less-preferred streaming video. Just an idea.

For those of you who dont get Nasa TV at home, the following page has links to the webcast of Nasa TV. The schedule says Vegas would be shown from 9am-5pm[EST] today on Nasa TV but currently the regional isnt on.

Thats becuase Vegas is 3 hours behind the East Coast. (I think it’s 3, it might be 2).

So its looking like the Las Vegas regional will come on NASA TV around noon EST?

There isn’t a whole lot to show at 6am PST. As we saw earlier this year, the NASA TV schedule hasn’t been very accurate. Try tuning in again at noon EST.

Is anyone who is watcing the palmetto webcast noticing the video will distort and turn green and flip upsidedown? This happened to me once yesturday and i though it might have just been me, but now its occuring approx. every 3 mins and im wondering if its just me or anyone else also?

I’ve been watching Palmetto for about 40 minutes now and haven’t had anything like this happen to me. What version of WMP are you using? The newest version is version 10 - try downloading it if you don’t have it.

Yea weird stuff is happening, I really wanted to watch this regional because of the amount of teams from my area that went, and I am sad, that its the size of a postage stamp, distorted and looks very smeary :frowning: But the sound is great!

Theres nothing weird happening with my webcast - just that my internet is slow and doesn’t pick it up good.

The satellite webcast of the Las Vegas regional is on, but only displaying the FIRST logo - and a brief message that said the regional webcast will begin at 9:30 PST.

That has happened here a few times, too. It’s frustrating. Stopping and restarting the stream seems to fix it temporarily. Oh well… I’ll be switching back to the Lone Star feed in less than an hour so I can see 624 cap the center in autonomous. crosses fingers