How did everyone enjoy Nationals

it was pretty fun watchN it from my room



I had a blast at nationals! I’m just sad its all over!

I enjoyed the competition. The park sucked.
I can’t wait til next year.

we won divisionals, we also won the entrepreneurship award. We had a blast! the only bad things were the walk to and from the pits and fields. Plus the radisson we were in was in need of remodeling, they were right next to the astrodome though. The park had one good ride, greezze lightning. but still it was a fun experience

I think next year they should have two divisions and two fields in one building, two divisions and two fields in the other, and the Einstein field somewhere in the middle.

I had fun, although I think I’m sick now due to the lack of sleep…I met some cool people from the pits about me…definitely going next year and can’t wait!:slight_smile:

We were so looking forward to going to nats that it was a little depressing when our whole team (294) got together and watched nats on a big screen T.V. There was pizza and stuff… but it definitely was not as exciting as actually being there. :frowning: But congrats to all of the teams who won something!!:smiley:

I really enjoyed that Nationals this year, except for the brown:confused: water that came from the taps in the hotel, the long walk (2:58 run with a battery!) pricey and ahem unique food, if you know what I mean.

But how can those little things get you down? I got to go to the National competition on my first year, see tons of cool robots, meet thousands of cool people, get very well aquainted with the lovely workers at small parts:p , and experience our team winning an award for the business plan (platinum edition) and for winning our division!

it could have been better. i wanted every teams’ buttons. i miss the robotics people! they’re all so cool and nice. we weren’t allowed to give out e-mails or anything, so if anyone remembers me, IM of course!

I admit it. I woke up this morning thinking that I was at our hotel…got up at 5 and started for the shower…realizing I was at home, I went back to my room and went on CD for a while…

“The Championship”, not ‘Nationals’


Apparently there is a significant difference.

does anyone know what team these guys are on?



[quote]*Originally posted by Wetzel *
**“The Championship”, not ‘Nationals’

Championship…Nationals…Whatever… same thing:D**[/quote]

I had fun. I met lots of people and enjoyed Texas since I’ve never been before.

i loved national, or The Championship, it was a great the only thing i didnt like was the half mile walk from our pits to our stands. the prices, the food and the hotel, it was like a maze with crappy elevators and even worse food, other than that the whole experance was great. I met some really great people and found out that after a while you really do loose feeling in your feet after standing for like 7 hours. And u can sleep standing up. i cant wait till next year

yes, kyle, the hotel sucked (we were down the hall from each other) i heard rumors your coaches were stuck in an elevator for 20 minutes… but that’s another story…

I had a good time. I got to do VIP tours (and thereby ate in the VIP room… back to back with Woodie Flowers!!!), also was a Lego League Spirit Judge for a while, got to ride a Segway (for about 10 seconds… but was excited for about 2 hrs after… ask mgreenly and ray… i actually met ray when i was in that condition… lol! and he didn’t run screaming… that’s a tough guy!), got picked up by a green dinosaur :confused:, and petted by MOE guys (no it’s NOT funny to pet the daisyhead and see me flinch!! :mad: )… all in all, a fun trip.

oh, and i got hugs from woodie AND dean! and a compliment from woodie… you can imagine i was bouncing for the rest of THAT day… hehe!

The team in that picture is team #141 the wobots, I think.

I had an awesome time. Probably my favorite event ever. Heh I really didnt care about the park, but it was still cool to hang out with people from other teams at the park for awhile both nights. I think the longest line at the park I waited at was for the metal detectors at the front of the park. Im assuming thats a popular ride :wink: Also I made a human pyramid and was unsucessfully blackmailed with a poster (That quote is totally bogus!! :p)

are you at the top D.J. ?? How long did the pyriamid last?:confused: :smiley: