Nation States

Everyhere who doesn’t know, check out

It’s such a hot game to control countries… you’ve got lots of controls and options.

Create a country, go to ‘The Pacific’ and join the land of ‘Rumniaa’. Do a search. Then, go to issues, settle the debates. Then go to United Nations and apply for it… once you apply for it, endorse ‘Da Bootleg’ (not Da Bootlegger) in Rumniaa… Rumney is a global teacher here. Me and a few other people not in her class are taking over her country of about 80 students… vote for Da Bootleg (just cause he started this overtake) and just help us gain power. Endorse him and we shall rule the pitiful island…


Use that for your nation states flag. Though they say only jpeg is allowed, gif works.

Dl it to your computer then upload to nationstates.

This games pretty cool but even more confusing!


I’ve been playing for 1 week exactly now, and i’ve dragged 21 other people into the game! thanks guys.

So okay, some of us from another forum I belong to where we often have very heated political debates decided to set up our own nations and run them as true to our own political beliefs as possible just for fun.

So far, my civil rights are very good, my economy has imploded and my political freedoms are good. And I love this description of my nation:

“Meat-eating is frowned upon, the cat is a protected species, the tenet of free speech is held dear, and citizens can be frequently spotted going about their business stark naked. Crime is totally unknown. Missinfo’s national animal is the cat and its currency is the pickle.”

I don’t even want to think about what it says about my political beliefs.


You just can’t buy much with a pickle.

Which nations are you and have you moved to ‘Rumniaa’?

You can find me there as ‘1337 coffee’.

(Join UN and endorse ‘Da Bootleg’)