National Championship registration Atlanta 2004

I am wondering how other teams register for events. We have funds to register for two events. We would like to register for two regionals and the championship, then cancel out of one regional if we qualify for the nationals. Is this kosher? How will we know if we can qualify in time to make airline reservations, hotel reservations etc. How do other teams do this? Should we just register for one regional and hope to qualify?
Thanks for the advice,
Nancy Renko

you cant register for nationals until you qualify. FIRST wont let you… hope that answers your question

With the possible change in criteria this year, you may be able to do as you mentioned. However, last year our team was not automatically qualified so could not register for the Championship.

We registered for two Regionals. We late registered for a third after receiving a matching fund donation. Now after the registration closes you are locked into the these events. FIRST requires payment long before ship date and they do not refund for events not attended. We know, we paid for LI Regional last year and had the trip cancelled due to fear of terrorism. Many other teams lost money last year for the same reason.

We won the ‘Leadership in Controls’ award in NJ and registered for Nationals that day. Arrangements were made that weekend. Some of us drove and some of us flew. Costs were not actually budgetted but we paid for it through the generosity of many including two parents that paid for our hotel rooms.