National Engineers Week Million Hour Campaign

"Every day, engineers around the world volunteer an untold number of hours by giving back and reaching out to possible future engineers. National Engineers Week organizers want the world to know and see the collective strength of these efforts and are challenging all engineers to not only contribute to outreach activities, but log their volunteer hours on a newly designed Web site. The goal? To reach one million hours of outreach in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. "

The above was taken directly from the website. Sign in and log your hours. I’m going to…:smiley:

I did. I logged 450 hours as a yearly estimate.

I checked out the web site and the hour logging appears to have already commenced, with over 7900 hours already listed. Of course I find that strange since Engineers Week is supposed to be from Feb 15-Feb 21 this year.

If all of the FIRST Engineering mentors put in their totals from this final week of build season, hitting one million hours will be a piece of cake! :ahh: