National Honor Society

I was just a little interested in who’s in or gotten into the national honor society. I was just accepted last night on May the 14th and I am so happy!

congrats, lol miraculously I’m in the NHS too. Who would’ve guessed… jk but its not all that bad.

I… am not…

“Optimi Chapter” here. heh, that just sounds cool…sorry

i got inducted last year, and since i am a senior member i had to be there for the juniors getting inducted. yeah, i had to go to the long and boring rehersal the day after we got back from nationals. our plane landed at midnight, and i didn’t get home til like 2, so i guess the rehersal was the same day that i got back…eh all i know is that i almost fell out of my chair on stage as i drifted off to sleep a couple times. yeah, i don’t think many parents liked my red hair… :slight_smile:

I’m in NHS…well, I think I’m still in NHS…kinda haven’t turned in my community service hours yet and they were due the 10th…eh…oh well…the officer’s all love me…they would never kick me out…even my bro’s in NHS…crazy

Yeah, I’m in NHS, but everyone around here knows it’s kind of an understood joke. You just do a little bit of community service and thats it, your in. Maybe it’s just me, but you should be doing that much community service anyway.

Our induction was way back, like this past fall. All of yours were this recent?

Lol Dave, you already no me to stoopid for NHS.

NHS is dumb. I’m only in it for applications.

NHS isn’t dumb, it’s a way for the best students to be recognized for their achievements. Some of us might not think it is hard to achieve it but we must keep in mind not everyone can do it.


no, i’m in NHS and i will say its very dumb. people rate it too highly and it really doesn’t mean anything at all

See. Nataku agrees.
Davey, how would you know what it’s like? You’re not even in it yet. You’ve just been accepted. Sure, when you go into it you think it’s going to be good, but then you realize that the whole thing is run by craptagious management, all you do is sell things for charity, meetings are chaotic, communication to the members about schedules is nonexistent, rules are added at will and you aren’t told about them. I know what it’s like.

no one in my school realizes that i’m in NHS. they only notice the popular people. i’m proud to be in it, i mean it is an honor no matter how dumb it seems, and i’ve wanted to show people that i am smart after years of them thinking i was stupid, but i just don’t like how most of the people that are in it act as if they are better than everyone else.

How can they “realize” you are in NHS? Do people where signs that say they are in NHS? Is it a popular topic of discussion? Are people beaten severely about the head until the blood flows from their eyes and mouths?

heh, there are no meetings for honor society…either that or i never go to them, one or the other. i got a letter in the mail the other week that said i was suspended temporarily till the end of the quarter because i had an 85.57 average and not an 86 that is required…so that just tells me right there that its really ridiculous and not worth my time

In my school at least, the majority of the people in NHS aren’t in honors or AP courses. Since this is generally a method of seeing if someone is “smart”, we can conclude that the majority of NHS people aren’t “smart” just because they’re in it.

Wow, NHS in california seems a lot different than in other states…or maybe at least at my school. I didn’t think it was too bad but people think its really hard to get into it. We go by a point system and you have to get 48 points. You have to have at least a 3.67 gpa and can’t have suspensions or anything like that (that’s an automatic 24 points). Then you get 4 points for each full year you exemplify leadership (like club president) or done community service and they can’t overlap. You can also get 1 point per big award you receive. Once you’re inducted in November, you have to do 20 hours of community service a year, 10 of which must be tutoring at the boys and girls club next to our school. Oh yeah, if you miss 3 of the montly meetings you automatically get kicked out too.

yeah, i think it means something, but we don’t really do anything, so it’s only purpose is your resume, but even so, some people who aren’t in it are just as good as people who are, cause it’s notlike you have to do anything special… at least around here. 3.2 gpa and some extracurricular activities which is about 50% of the school population, and they basically seem to pick at random, except for the especially qualified few (like us Robot people) :~þ

does your school really recognize robotics for things?? at our school we get less recognition than other people, if any. i heard all the school elections speeches for pres and everything yesterday, and not one person mentioned robotics at all, they all talked about how important sports are…grr

I’m trying out for graduation speaker and i mentioned robotics. lets just hope they pick me