National Hug A Programmer Day

As we all know, the programing side of FRC is a very intense and stressful job. This past week we have had problems with getting our program to actually run on the robot. All of us have been feeling stressed out at this delay of prototyping. Luckily today, 1-21-2012, we were able to get our program to drive!!! So we have dubbed it NATIONAL HUG A PROGRAMMER DAY!! So, celebrate the awesomeness of your progammers by hugging them today!!!

Funny hahaha today is actually National Hug Day :smiley: i found that out by looking on Twitter haha

This needs to be an official FRC holiday!
And programming is a pain, don’t get me wrong, I like trial and error almost as much as I like my girlfriend (yes I have a GF during Build season), but too much is very very bad. (and there is no such thing as too much time spent with your girlfriend)

I missed it. :frowning:

there is always the celebratory hug after the competition, don’t worry