National Scouts Needed!

Greetings! Let me start out by thanking you for even viewing this thread. Now for the facts, Team 492 has come up with a brand new scouting program, which would be accessable through the wireless web we are going to set up at nationals. This program will be able to keep an ongoing record of the rank of different teams, the amount of times they have hung over the amount of times they attempted to hang, the acuracy of the human players, the average score for those teams, the probubility of them capping a goal, how many times they fall over, whether they can get back up, and genral overviews on their robot’s condition.

Our team (492) will be in charge of scouting for the Gallileo division, but we are looking for one team from every division with an extra wireless card + laptop and 2-4 team members to spare to update this data base. The data base will probubly take quite a bit of hard work, and dedicated scouting work, but it will be well worth it to all teams.

After the qualification matches, we will release our data to the top sceded teams, so they can make an informed decision about the best teams (in the game) and which they might pick.

During the qualification matches, the teams who either apply to help us do the scouting or teams who come over to our pit and ask for the scouting reports will be informed about the status of their partners/opponents. Our team WILL NOT deny the request of anyone to view these scouting reports, but we might run out of paper for print-outs.

Again, we require three teams, one from every division, to assist us this scouting data base, we will not make any final decisions yet, but we are looking for teams who are interested in assisting us with this endevor.

Again, thank you for taking the time to view this message.

Free 12-pack of Mountain Dew for all teams that assist us in scouting!

i could help for archimedes if i can borrow someones extra wireless card

Our team is pretty tech savvy, I should be able to scrounge up an extra wireless card.

I’m Not sure if i clearly mentioned this last point, but for the data base to remain effective, the 2-4 team members must keep track of the information for every qualification match. Yes, this dose mean that you will need 2-4 team members to be at every qualification match, punching in statistics for the robots on the field. I appologize for any misleading I might have unintentionally caused. Please forgive me.

why not have multiple teams co-operating in each division, rather than having one team do the brunt of the work?

This is an exellent idea, however, the cooperating teams must be truly cooperating, because if one match is entered twice, or if only one alliance from one of the matches is entered, it can skew the data base. However, if the teams can cooperate, then it would put less pressure on a single team… great idea!

I currently have these number of teams interested for each division:


Remember, PMing is another option for informing me about your team’s interest.

Hey all,
It seems that all the scouting plans come out in the last few days before nationals. Well I would like to see a National scouting system in place for all teams use and my team 269 has suggested using a system we have. We tried to get people to use are system also but it turns out anyone that would usally help run your system has there own. So I think that we should try to come together and maybe try to use one scouting program across the board so that, we can all access the same data. I’m not sure which program is the best for the job. So I would like to see yours here is the links to 269. Hopefully we can come to use the same program and get the most data for all teams for scouting.

-Justin Hicks

-I forgot to mention that we also have a cat5 provider if there are not enough wireless cards and we have 1000’s of feet. We also have many computers if they are needed.