National Student Leadership Conference

So I got this letter in the mail last weekend from the NSLC, saying that based on my PSAT scores and GPA, I’m invited to represent my state at a summer-camp type thing in a field of my choice (they offered things like medicine, engineering, international politics). I was wondering if this is a legitimate organization? you always hear about scams like this and all. i did a bit of online reasearch and what i got was on both ends of the spectrum; a couple ‘omg this changed my life’ statements and a couple ‘dont waste your money and time’ people too. so my question is, did other FIRSTies get invited to this and am i just being paranoid? their website is also, if i didn’t do this, what other summer enrichment programs are out there? i know about stanford’s EPGY and carnegie mellon’s thing. how many people are going to those? thanks a bunch

I got invited as well, and am interested to know whether or not it is a good idea.

Having attended WPI’s Frontiers program last summer, I would highly recommend it. I have never been to any other educationalish summer program, but Frontiers was excellent. They have courses in different things (including robotics!), and there are many fun activities planned as well. You get to learn a bit extra about something during the summer, meet a bunch of cool new people, and have a lot of fun at the same time.

I think it is fairly popular among FIRSTies, because five who went last summer were at the UTC Regional today. There is (was?) also a scholarship for FIRST participants to did the robotics program at Frontiers.

Anjali -

I’m familiar with the NSLC. Just like you, I heard varying reports about it. In the end, I chose not to go.

  1. Many alumni I knew felt it did not cover their interests specifically enough
  2. It seemed like something that could not be as gauranteed-useful as other programs like WPI’s, Stanfords, Carnegie Mellon’s, or others. Not only do those programs give you incredible scientific insight, they also give you a view into many excellent college engineering programs, which is a view few students get unless they have the fortune of living right by a good engineering university.

Many FIRSTers go to WPI frontiers - it is considered an excellent program and very applicable to Robotics knowledge. I would speak to Lisa Perez on the subject if I were you, she can give you a view as both an alumnus and as a female one (high guy to girl ratio), and she is currently enrolled in U Mich’s rigorous engineering program.

Joey Gannon (if you need contact info I can ask him about it) attended Carnegie Mellon’s pre-college summer program before his Senior year, which I believe is the program Greg was referring to.

I’d recommend speaking to your guidance counselor as well, before you decide anything.