National Towel Amnesty Day

I would like to direct the ChiefDelphi community’s attention to Holiday Inn has declared Thursday August 28th National Towel Amnesty Day. Yes, Holiday Inn is magnanimous enough to forgive all of us for every towel we’ve ever taken from their hotels. In addition, for every story of a towel’s theft and subsequent use submitted to their website, they will donate $1.00 to a children’s charity called Give Kids the World. Here is where we as individual members of the FIRST community can each take a couple minutes to contribute to this worthy cause. I am positive that throughout the history of this great program, countless members of teams everywhere have “permanently borrowed” towels from hotels to use at the competitions (or for some other crazy purpose dreamed up by a bunch of kids and/or mentors hopped up on coffee and Mountain Dew at 2:00 in the morning). Whether you’ve stayed at a Holiday Inn or not, I think the world is waiting to hear what you’ve done with all those towels! I urge every towel-stealing member of the FIRST community to go to the Holiday Inn website, confess your stealing ways, and cleanse your guilty consciences. DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN!

Sweet! What about toiletries do they count to cause u know a guy needs to keep his hair shiny and nothing is better then those little shampoo bottles. PLus is it a dollar for every towel, a dollar for eveytime , or a dollar for every person

From the information on their website, it appears that it’s $1.00 per person. If you are a repeat offender, just lump all the accounts into one big submission!

Ohh man that is going to be one big submission oh well I am glad that alll my thievary and sin will atleast help out society & charity and gave soem poor soul reading all of the entries a nice tan from the glow of the computer after having read mine

While staying in a hotel my family left 5 feather/down pillows in a hotel…

I just got back last night from a Courtyard Marriot in NYC where I saw a flyer for it - took some towels just to be sure to remember a story. :slight_smile: