National Underwater Robotics Challenge 2008 Reg. Now Open!

The Honeywell Hometown Solutions National Underwater Robotics Challenge 2008 mission and team registration is now open!

Come take the challenge! You thinks robotics on land is tough? Try it underwater!

contact Fredi Lajvardi at
[email protected]

Great! I love the scenario and can’t wait to bring this up at the next meeting!

The NERDS will most likely be joining the competition, along with a U of A team (my brother and his friends).

Can’t wait to get started! :slight_smile:

Fantastic, I thought you guys would want to come and defend your title. That is also great that the U of A is thinking about doing it! We need more universities!!! we are almost done building the plane and will have the SketchUp drawings and pics up soon.

Sign up as soon as you can we would love to have you listed!

I think EVIT, east valley inst of tech, is going to enter as well.

Tell U of A , that three ASU teams will be there!!!

Let us know if you see any mistakes on the website! we are working out the kinks. Take care and see you soon.

Ps I talked to the new instructor. She seems nice. Any luck with recruiting any new teams for the AZ FIRST Regional

There are 7 new teams already, and 13 grants available, 5 left!

Here is where you can see videos from last years competition. Some of the teams were not very successful, but they learned a lot and I bet they will be much improved the next year. You have the option of watching the videos of each team on Google video or through ASU Itunes University. It takes a while to open but the Itunes is a much higher quality

The website is a frame one, so the above link is inside the frame. The whole site is

Falcon Robotics and the Nerds have good video. Enjoy!

Awesome mission, can’t wait to get started! I hope to see more teams this time; a larger turnout would make the competition very exciting.

Well, U of A students and a Pima College mentor. I think that still qualifies as a U of A team… I’ll have to discuss it with the rest of our to-be team, but I think we are definitely going to sign up.

A team is a team! Bring them all!