National Webcast Information:

As of the time of this post, NASA-TV is booked for broadcast, BUT…

no satellite truck has yet been scheduled or confirmed. I estimate there are only even odds for a NASA-TV broadcast on Saturday, but about 100% chance of a successful webcast on Thurs. - Sat. My suggestion for those of you unable to attend the Nationals in person, find a good computer with decent connectivity and a comfortable chair.

I’ll try. :slight_smile:

“Note: NASA TV will not be broadcasting the FIRST National Competition this year.” -NASA Robotics Education Project Website

I guess a computer is the only way to go.

I can’t wait!!! Who needs to go to class on thursday and friday when I can just watch FIRST instead.

Well I am very dissappointed in the fact that there will be no NASA TV Broadacast. Many things have changed with NASA in the last yr or so and after being in FIRST for 4 years this has got to be the first time that NASA has not setup a NASA TV for the nationals that I have seen. :frowning:
But on the other hand last yrs TV Broadcast wasn’t the best. Every 5 secs the screen would change to a different field. Now while their intentions where very clear (they wanted all divisions to be shown) they could have at least stayed on one field during one match get the score and change to the next field.

Where as with the webcasts they split the 4 divisions so that they may be played individually.

In any case maybe Saturday they’ll clear the schedule and do a TV broadcast of the remainder qualification rounds / elimination rounds and awards.

I just hope they have a good feed to their servers b/c with the added fact that there is no TV Broadcast and Only a webcast that will put alot of load on their lines. Which means Webcast Quality will not be the best.

Has anyone heard if CNN is going to broadcast any part of it? They are in the next building over from the Georgia Dome. I hope they take advantage of the proximity and at least feature the competition in a couple of news broadcasts!

See ya there!

Come by pit admin. I’ll be there!