Nationals - Divisional Stories 2005

Ok Since Many of you have started thinking about it already, Theres Quite a number of Storys out there about each division. These storys consist of The team numbers and team nick names in that division and a combination of common words to create a story. Each one made is unique, Rep Points are offered to those who create them =). I’ll copy and Paste those already made for this year in this thread.

Story: Galileo Grief
Created By: Marc P.
Posted: April 14 2005 @ 11:06PM

It was a late April afternoon in the shop. The Robo Wizards (522) were called Miracle Workerz (365) for their ability to get Mor Torq (1515) from the Gearbox Gangstaz (1648). Against Astro-Nomical (977) odds, these Masters of Machinery (930) used magnets made of Element 945 (945) in a motor to use High Voltage (231) to obtain more RPM (514), which the Technotics (546) used to get more Horsepower (801). Entech (281)'s Techengineers (334) had figured out that TJ^2 (88) was really equal to B^3 (1261), a hidden magnetic property of that special element. But all was not well in FIRST land…

The Navi-Gators (1250) thought anyone who could build a Roboto (447) like that was a LuNaTeC (316). Their leader, Miss Daisy (341) insisted the Enforcers (178) step in to prevent those Warlocks (1507) from defying the laws of physics. She soon had the sky covered with both Killer Kardinals and Cardinals (136/811), Robo Griffins (304), Robohawks (346), Robotic Iron Eagles (358/1219) from Eagle Robotics (399), Firebirds (433), and Falcons (1626). Fortunately, the Noblemen (1137), with Asimov’s O’Fallon Knights (1208) were there to summon a formidable defense of Gila Monsters (64), Scorpions (714), Minotaurs (1369), Roboticats (758), Wildcats (843), Panthers (1108), and Cougars (1403). There was no doubt- This Tribe (224/237) was One TUFF Team (203). The Cybercrusaders (272) and Cybersonics (103) feared an Eaglestrike (114) was in the Wild Cards (151). Their Stuypulse (694) quickened as a Flashback (168) of The Beast (587) from Port Perry (1006) reminded them to proceed with Caution (1492). The EARTH Squad (618) (or so the group of cats, monsters, and scorpions became known as) didn’t want to be the Sault Instigators (1596), so they prepared to defend an assault from the Raging C-Biscuits (1280) let by Hella’s Angels (650).

No one was prepared for what came next. Raider Robotix (25) joined up with the Robo Raiders (75) and Thrashers (563). They came like a tsunami in a sunset, an Orange Tide (294) of Cheesy Poofs (254) sweeping with a Gael Force (126), spreading like Wildfire (989) all over Westtown (1391). Members of Baldwin Robotics (1546) phoned the Swat team (824) who then called in the Baxter Bomb Squad (16) to use Sie-H20-Bots (237) to put out any Sparkys (384) which could be Kil-A-Byte (1024) bombs. It was Natural Selection (1708) at it’s best.

The Near North Student Robotics Initiative (1305) quickly became aware of the RobbeXtreme situation (56). They consulted ChiefDelphi (47) for some much needed advice. He said to listen for the Truck Town Thunder (68), for not far behind shall roll The Chargers (604/894) and Rhode Warriors (121) led by Gompei and the Herd (190), from McTEC FIRST (1050) on the planet Team Mercury (1089). They shall defeat Las Guirrillas (469) with the help of the Nonnebots (38) and Titans (492) and once again restore peace and Gracious Professionalism to the competition.

Story: Archimedes Abduction
Created By: Pat Fairbank
Posted On: April 13 2005 @ 6:01PM

It all started on Thursday, April 21, 2005, when 340 teams awoke in Atlanta to a morning of Perpetual Chaos (931). The sky resounded with ThunderBots (980) and Lightning Lancers (1444), and it was raining RoboKatz (1653) and Robodogs (435) (since, of course, it was the day of a R.O.B.O.T.I.C.S (107) competition). Students, mentors and spectators R.U.S.H (27)-ed to the venue, wearing their Devil Duckies (1266) so as to not get their feet wet and arrive looking like Children of the Swamp (179).

The Adidarons (476), known for being both Pioneers (40) and Pi-Oneers (1676) in the use of Atomsmashers (1180) on their robot, were the first to reach the Archimedes pits.

“ThunderChickens (217)!” exclaimed Gus (228) McKinley (368), as he reached his team’s empty pit. “Where’s Waldo? (1547)!!”.

“Uhh… our robot is called the Adambot (245), remember?” shot back his teammate Max (1071).

“Look!” called the RoboVikes (701), the next team to arrive, pointing to the Adidarons’ crate, which had been Cast Aways (803) down the aisle, with its Rat Pack (830) -ing material scattered about in a state of Entropy (138).

“The robot’s been abducted! What kind of B.E.A.S.T. (71) would have done this?” cried a mentor. The members of the team shook their heads in confusion, trembled with R.A.G.E. (173), and alternated between being Rhodes Maniacs (274), Mechatronic Maniacs (1027) and Tech-no-Maniacs (1286), in a state that can only be described as being Technonuts (155).

Gus tried to remain calm. “Perhaps the Adambot has been abducted by little green Martians (494). Or possibly criminals of a different colour, such as Blue Robodevils (896) or Blue Falcons (1597), took it.”

“It could be a Cat Attack (451) from the X-Cats (191) Consortium. They do have a force of Bobcats (128), Leopards (57), Bionic Tigers (1592) as well as the latest in Cutting Edge (845) technology, Lehman Lionics (1230), on their side,” Max chimed in.

“Of course, no-one but the Midnight Mechanics (812) would have had access to the pits last CRyptonite (624), unless they were Robowizards (1508) or skilled at long-distance Eagle Engineering (1138)”. Gus stood pondering quietly while his teammates shouted wildly amongst themselves about calling in the Epsilon Delta (116) Force and the Juggernauts (1) to take action against whatever Monsters (308) had taken the 'bot. This created a huge Sachem Aftershock (263) in the now-full pits. “Think Pink (233)… Think Pink…” Gus thought to himself as he noticed the lingering smell of smoke – the smell of Burning Magnetos (342), to be more specific.

Suddenly, in a Betaflash (1014) of Fuzzy Logic (997), he triumphantly exclaimed “Waialua (359)!!!”.

“What is it?” everyone shouted back. “When? Where? Why? Who’sCTEKS (716)? How?”

“Elementary, my dear WATSON (957) – the answer is not at all Revolution (1251)-ary! Where there’s smoke, there’s F.I.R.E. (322), and therefore dragons must be implicated in this plot: both the Platinum Dragons (1345), who inhabit Rocky Mountain (662), and the more ordinary variety of Dragons (527) from the Mojave (1641),” explained Gus to his captive audience. “Don’t let your Hokie Guard (401) down – they may have left Robotniks (1211), which whom they have a Simbotic (1114) relationship,” he added.

“Dragons? Your theory Bears (766) reason,” a FIRST volunteer agreed. “Better send in the knights.”

A large robot rescue force was assembled consisting of all varieties of knights, including NASA Knights (122), Northern Knights (296), TechnoKnights (515), Robo Knights (612), Cavaliers (1370), Mech Warriors (573), and just in case the enemy was in possession of Delphi E.L.I.T.E. (48) Skillz Tech (335) armour, Cyber Warriors (371). The NEW Apple Corps (93) was summoned from River City (1094) along with their Robodogs and RoboDawgs (288), known collectively as the Huskie Brigade (65), to track the Adambot by its smell of magic smoke and WD-40.

To make a really long story really short, an epic adventure ensued with such elements as a fleet of Mastery Charter (1394)-ed Jag-tron’x (588) vehicles, an enormous battering Ram Robotics (1497), and an elaborate sting operation in which the 'bot-napper dragons were duly RoboStang (548). The Adambot was successfully rescued, and was returned just in time to be inspected before pits closed Thursday evening.

(… In reality, of course, we all know that the 'bot somehow became self-aware, broke out of its crate and burnt out its own high- Voltage (386) magnetos with an almighty KRUNCH (79) while trying to autonomously score a few Triple Plays, before Rocketeer (20) -ing off downtown in despair, driving in the wrong Timberlane (350), to a bar where it hung itself. But where’s the Phi Pi Pho Phun (1517) in that story? ;))

Story: Archimedes Assault
Created By: Joe Shlabotnik, Mild-Mannered-Mired-in-Mexico Reporter, R.O.B.O.T.I.C.S. (107) Monthly Magazine
Posted On: April 15 2005 @ 12:43AM
Last Years Version: The Newton Nightmare

It WASN’T a dream. You know that part where I woke up and realized it was all a nightmare? Well that WAS my dream. The rest was REAL. The Juggernauts (1) were REAL. And they DID arrive in Atlanta as I forewarned. What happened? The Aftershock[s] (263) are still reverberating throughout the city and all of FIRST.

Well, it turns out that Paul Morrison, Delphi E.L.I.T.E.’s (48) robot driver, and Trigos, leader of the valiant band of Northeast Ohio superheroes who attempted to thwart the advance of each and every robot Juggernaut (1394) of the JVN Collective, were the only two people other than me who survived the Warren Massacre. Paul promptly wussed out and went to France for the remainder of this story, leaving Trigos as the only one left who could warn the FIRST’ers in Atlanta of the robotic Monsters (308) that were bearing down upon the city. In a blind RAGE (173) following his defeat and recognizing the Perpetual Chaos (931) each Juggernaut (1394) would bring to the people at the Championship, Trigos called up his buddy Gus (228) Watson (957). They got into their identical Mitsubishi Lightning Lancers (1444) and RUSH[ed] (27) away toward Atlanta.

On the way to Atlanta, Trigos and Gus stopped in Memphis, Tennessee to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers (1370) play the Grizzlies. They sat next to a group of kids from Automotive High School (1211) and Englewood High School (1497), who all thought Trigos looked funny in his neon green spandex leotard. As far as the game, the Cavaliers, being the big chokers that they are, were soundly defeated, which put Trigos into an even fouler mood and lit a FIRE (322) under him to go kick some JVN booty. The Juggernauts were in for the battle to end all battles, which would soon take place on the Archimedes field.

Trigos and Gus arrived at the Georgia Dome and soon found themselves knee-deep in a sea of Entropy (138). It was complete and utter bedlam, as teams had already heard of the coming of the robots of the JVN Collective. They heard how robots on teams with the word “Robotics” tacked onto the end of their team name would have less of a unique identity and would be more likely to be assimilated by the Collective (because the writer of this story likes to simultaneously cop out big time and also pick on such teams by listing them all at once). Totally freaked out by this, the kids from Timberlane Robotics (350), Chantilly Robotics (612), CRyptonite Robotics (624), Rocky Mountain Robotics (662), Cutting Edge Robotics (845), Dublin Robotics (1014), River City Robotics (1094), Madison Robotics (1266), and Platinum Dragon Robotics (1345) were screaming and running around wildly, trying to dream up even goofier names for their team and robot (ones that are easier to incorporate into quirky stories such as this one :stuck_out_tongue: ), so they would be less susceptible to an attack from the JVN horde. But how did everyone learn of the Juggernauts’ impending arrival? Apparently, some dude named Max (1071), the lead singer of a kickin’ band called The Cast Aways (803), was traveling on a jet plane through the Warren area when he spied a bunch of shiny moving objects on the ground. Apparently, robots who are sucked into the JVN Collective all gain a smooth, oversized rounded surface on top of their frames upon entry into the group. Much like the blindingly-bright sunlight reflecting off the massive bald head of a newly-shaven upstate New York FIRST mentor, it was the reflected sunlight off of these metallic robot domes that Max spied from 30,000 feet in the air. Max saw the carnage below, he knew that human lives were at stake, and he knew he had to do something. Using the scientific knowledge he gained pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Electronics from the Science Skills Center (335) of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Max quickly fabricated a human teleportation device out of a couple Atom Smashers (1180), some TechnoNuts (155), a few Burning Magnetos (342) thrown in for good measure, and, of course, some Zip Ties and Electrical Tape (997). He then transported himself to Atlanta and immediately warned the Championship participants about the Juggernauts. Trigos and Gus arrived shortly after Max delivered his riot-inducing message.

“Dude, who is that hot Indian chick over there in the plaid dress?” Max asked Trigos and Gus upon their arrival.

“Oh that’s Karthik Kanagasabapathy, the former Prime Minister of Canada,” Trigos explained. “He quit his government job to live out his dream as a kilt model/pop singer.”

[Karthik kicks into some bad singing] “I believe in the Children of the Future (359). Teach them well and let them lead the way. Blah blah blah……….THE GREATEST LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE OF ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL IS EASY TO ACHIEEEEEEEEEEVE. LEARNING TO LOOOOOOVE YOURSELF [not a problem in Karthik’s case] IS THE GREEEEATEST LOOOOOOOOVE OF ALLLLLLLLL…………”

The trio, upon hearing Karthik’s butchering of a Whitney Houston classic, approached the K-man. “Hey, Whitney, who’s that dude in red leather, fishnets, and stilettos over there? Is he your bodyguard?”

“Yes, that’s, uhhhhhhhh, let’s call him Da…….le. He’s my big, strong Huskie (65) bodyguard. He protects me from meanies and weirdos like that actor Warren Beatty (71). Warren used to be my friend, but now, he just creeps me out. That’s why I have Dale, to keep all the stalker freaks away from me!”

“Uh, that is one Hokie [lookin’] Guard (401),” Gus quipped.

“Karthik, I Think Pink (233) would look good on you!” Dale said for no apparent reason.

"Uh, I think we’ll be going now,” Trigos said uncomfortably as he walked away with Gus and Max in tow.

Shortly after leaving Karthik and Dale, Max’s phone rang. “Darnit, Who’s CTEKS[ting] (716) me now? Oh, it’s the Tornado Alley Cats (476) The Krusaders (1138) and the AdamBots (245). All those bands wanted to jam with me and Dean Simmons and the Kamens at Hooters after the Championship Event ended. Guess that ain’t happening.”

Now here’s where the story REALLY starts getting weird. Upon walking over to Archimedes Field, the intrepid trio met a group of kids sitting under the center goal playing Magic – The Gathering.

“What are you doing? Don’t you know the Juggernauts are coming?” Trigos belligerently bellowed at them.

“Uh, shyea, that’s why we’re playing Magic. We’re trying to summon the almighty power of the NASA Knights (122), Cyber Warriors (371), Techno Knights (515), Red Dragons (527), MechWarriors (573), RoboVikes (701), and the RoboWizards (1508) to come and help us.

“You foolish geeks!” Trigos yelled. “We’ve asked everyone to help us and tried everything to stop the JVN Collective from destroying FIRST. Having adapted Max’s teleporter to travel through time, we’ve asked Rocketeers (20) from the future and Pioneers (40) from the past [and heck, even Pioneers (1676) from the future!]. We’ve gone to the local insane asylum recruiting the services of the Rhodes Maniacs (274), the Mechatronic Maniacs (1027), and the Tech-no-maniacs (1286). We pulled Swamp Thing (179) out of the Florida muck to help us – no luck! We’ve tried chucking live animals at them - Leopards (57), Bobcats (128), X-Cats (191), a Cat Attack (451), Ma Bears (766) [seriously, they really were MY BEARS! I kidnapped them from a zoo], the Rat Pack (830), and Blue Falcons (1597). We contracted out to the Midnight Mechanics (812) and the Bendr-bots (896) to build us the most complex weaponry using the latest technologies known to mankind. We’ve even gone so far to combine hi-tech weaponry and animals – YES! Animals with fricking laser beams on their heads! RoboDawgs (288), RoboStangs (548), even more RoboDogs (435) because we really like throwing puppies, Lionics (1230), RoboKatz (1653), Tech Tigers (1251), and because endangering endangered animals is what we do best, EVEN MORE Bionic Tigers (1592). We catapulted them all at the Juggernaut robots – not even one scratch! There’s nothing you can do! We are dooooooomed!!!”

“Geez, Trigos, where’s your competitive spirit, you wuss? Where’s your Gracious Professionalism?” Gus asked. “The Trigos I KNOW would not sit here idly and watch the great program he has sworn to protect be torn to bits by a bunch of ugly bald robots! Wake up, man!!!”

“Dude, you’re right! There IS one thing we haven’t tried!” But before Trigos was allowed to explain further, a massive “KRRRRRRRRUNCH!!!” (79) reverberated throughout the Georgia Dome. The Juggernauts had arrived. Never before had so many fearsome and awe-inspiring robots gathered together on a single field, but yet, here they were on Archimedes. Charging their way to the center of the field, the JVN Collective knocked a brand new, overpriced Mac computer off the scorer’s table, creating a NEW Apple Corps[e] (93) on the floor. Somewhere, a Mac-owning lamer sheds a tear. Somewhere, Bill Gates is laughing maniacally. Did I mention that all JVN Collective robots are Windows-powered? Anyway……………….

“The Jag-tron’x!!! (588)” Trigos screamed.

“What the heck are you talking about? The Jag-a-ma-huh?” Max asked, bewildered.

Trigos pulled a featureless metallic ball out of his pocket. “It’s the thing that’s going to save FIRST! Now Where’s Waldo (1547)?”

“Who the heck is Waldo?” Max asked, thankfully helping along the plot of this pointless story.

“I said, ‘WHERE’S WALDO’ (1641) [yes, there’s two of them]??? He’s the only one who knows the password to unleash the power of the Jag-tron’x!!!”

“Well ain’t he just freakin’ special!” Max angrily retorted.

“Shut up, you talentless hack twit of a rock star!” Gus exclaimed. “Waldo’s in the bathroom right now, but he told me the password just in case. Trigos, you gonna do the ThunderChickens (217) thing like last time? It’ll help.”

“That is, like, sooooooooooo 2004,” Trigos replied. “I’ve got something new this time……stand back!” With that, Trigos pulled out his sword and prepared to recite the much cooler phrase,


Extreme Voltage (386) shot out from his sword, electrifying the air. All that remained was for Gus to recite the password that would unlock the Jag-tron’x and end the Juggernaut threat, once and for all……

“Loyola (296) Crayola Toyota Crapola!!! Phi Pi Pho Phun (1517) Epsilon Delta (116)!!!”

As soon as the last syllable lept from Gus’s tongue, a blinding flash of light exploded from the Jag-tron’x. The light washed over the robots of the JVN Collective, stopping them in their tracks. Only after the light faded a few moments later was the power of the Jag-tron’x revealed. It truly was a shocking sight – the energy from the orb had turned every Juggernaut robot into a Simbotics (1114) clone – instantaneously expanding the NiagaraFIRST alliance from three robots into 300!

“Muahahahaha, this is going to make one heck of a Chairman’s Award presentation!” Karthik muahahahaha’d from the corner of the field. “Dale, this pink plaid kilt is giving me fits – come button me up!”

“Holy snot! 300 identical Canadian robots – we were better under that JVN guy! At least he only forced that KitBot frame upon everyone, and not the whole blasted robot!” Trigos muttered as walked out of the Georgia Dome. But FIRST had indeed been saved, for both the Jag-tron’x and NiagaraFIRST were surrounded by the Light Side of the Force, and everyone lived happily ever after. Except for Karthik and Dale, who were abducted by a bunch of Martians (494) upset over those Mars rover pests that were STILL powered up and leaving tracks all over their formerly pristine Martian landscape. THE END.

Story: The Story of Newton
Created By: Andy Baker
Posted On: April 13 2005 @ 2:28AM

It was a HOT (67) & sunny April day. Oddly, Xtreme Heat (223) was FORCE(1402)ing the Iron Devils (1647) to yearn for Frost Byte (754) . A L33t Crew (521) of SteamPunks (1577) were joining the Hiphopanonymous (939) crowd gathering at the Alpine Robotics (159) exhibit, inside Area 53 (53) of the Georgia Dome Convention Center. Usually, these two Dynamos (250) cause Resistance (86) when mixed together, but we had no TNT (280) this time.

Something was up. Rumors about a Curcuit Running (1002) on the Bedford Express (1023) could lead to some Cold Fusion (1279). But, the Bad Boys from the Bay Shore (271) were making a Royal Assault (357) on the 2train (395) and caused the whole area to be in CHABots (1218). A Code Red (639) went out to the FEDS (201) and the Extreme Team (444). No response was heard.

The crowd was getting Rambunctious, Ram(462)ming the entry doors to the adjacent renaisance convention next door. Inside, Scarabian Knights (120) were M’aiken Magic (1102), Dragons (302) were comparing costumes with other Dragons (1595), while Crusaders (910) were gathered in a Double Deuce (22) card game with some High Rollers (987). Tension SPIKE(293)d when FRED (184), tried to bluff CARLOS (1539) out of his Aces High (176) Winnovation (1625) hand. Emoticons (1083) ran wild, and a Feeding Frenzy (1153) erupted. Club Sandwiches (772) were devoured like a BEAR (1367) on a Grasshopper (95). It was not pretty.

At the same time, the throng, like a Frog Force (503), came into the room. No Metal Muscle (1506) could keep any Joe Schmoebotics (1135) group from the Team Fusion (364). Suddenly, the LGHS (972) and DDBA-CVR (1671) organizations abbreviated the situation by introducing a Paradigm Shift (1259). They quickly had everything Under Control (1156) by putting a Webb (1466) around the NU-Tron (125) of this Foshay (597), and somehow kept things peaceful, much as Walt Whitman (1389) would scribe the event.

Little did these Viking Electros (582) know, there were Gearheads (1189) and Gearheadz (1289) in the dome next door, at the home of the Falcons. Robotics (842) teams from Holland (74), Montclair (555), and Penn (135) were putting their batteries on Chargers (537) and adjusting their Cams (687).

RoboCats (379), TechnoKats (45) and Positronic Panthers (486) were PAW(710)ing around, following the NORSTAR (345) to find some Red Baron (63) pizzas before their next match. TechHounds (868) were scratching themselves, MORT(11)ified by the TechnoTick (236) it got while wrestling with The Machine (415) during the last match.

A Rolling Thunder (1511) was building over the entire Dome area. GaelHawks (230) and Thunderhawks (1038) were gathering to see what was happening. The Beach Bots (330) left the sand, jumped over the Gatorbotics (1700) on their way and joined the good folks of Mingo County Career Center (1249) to send the whole place into Rocket City (34).

Even the RoboWranglers (148), tough as Steel Armadillos (818), rode into town on Wildstangs (111), herding some Mechanical Bulls (810) they took from the Indian Robotics (616) team.

They all came together to participate in a GRR(340)eat event, and to see a Newton division alliance win the 2005 FIRST Robotics Championship Competition.

Story: The Fairytale for Galileo
Created By: Looneylin
Posted On: April 16 2005 @ 11:46AM

Once upon a time, there lived a farm boy named Sparky (384). Sparky was in love with Miss Daisy (341) who happened to be a princess. Now, we all know that farm boys aren’t allowed to marry princesses, this tradition has been held since the times of the Titans (492) and perhaps the Minotaur (1369), it was all Natural Selection (1708). He loved her deeply, or perhaps, it was all infatuation. But whatever the case, he was determined to marry her. To do this, he must prove himself worthy to the king, and so begins his journey.

Sparky decided to travel to Truck Town Thunder (68) to start off his mission. On his way, he met MOE (365) a miracle worker.
“Hello there! Can you help me? I need to marry this princess. I know you‘re a miracle worker.” asked Sparky.
“What!?! Is it raining Killer Kardinals (136)?” replied Moe.
“That makes no sense!”
“Well, the sky looks ready for Roboticats (758)”
“The sky is not going to rain Wildcats! (843) You LuNaTeC! (316)” screamed Sparky. “Are you going to help me or not?”
“That depends, are you of a Noblemen (1137) birth? Or Asimov’s O’Fallon Knights (1208)?” inquired Moe, the miracle worker.
“Well, no.”
“Then you have no chance.”
“You’re a freakin miracle worker! Work miracles! This is such Ragin’ Sea Biscuits (1280)!!!”
“Don’t get all Astro-Nomical (977) on me. The last this I want you to do is set Wildfire (989) to my cloak.” replied Moe.
“Fine, then tell me what I have to do to win Miss Daisy”
“Hmmm… I am hungry for some herb roasted Firebirds (433!!!) and some of those Cheesy Poofs (254) if you give them to me, I’ll summon the Robo Wizard (522) and he can help you slay a dragon which would entitle you to the king’s daughter.”
“Do I really need a wizard, I mean, can’t I just hire some Warlocks (1507) to do the stuff for me and call it a day?” asked Sparky.
“Not if you want to live. Now, about those cheesy poofs….”
“Fine, I’ll get them… mutters you freakin Nonnebot (38)” and with that, Sparky rode off into Truck Town Thunder to obtain herb roasted Firebirds and cheesy poofs.

“We sell Gompei and the HERD (190) dolls! Get your Guerrillas (469) here!” announced Perry (1006), the sales person.
“Do you sell herb roasted firebirds and cheesy poofs?” asked Sparky.
“Well that depends, how much do you have?”
“I just caught some fresh Cardinals (811), StuyPulse (694), and labtops which have a few Kil-A-Bytes (1024) of memory.” replied Sparky.
“That’d be good for some deep fried RoboHawks (346) and cinnamon turnover Eagles (358/399), they’re Hella’s Angels (650).”
“No, I want my herb roasted firebird and cheesy poofs!”
“Well, they’re hard to get, I had to go all the way to Windsor Forest (1167), slash a few Rhode Warriors (121), take down SWAT Robotics (824), and beat a Metal Moose (1391) over the head with 1675 (1675) Navi-Gators (1250).” said Perry.
“Well that does seem like you went through some Mercury (1089) there, and had sufficient brain damage… but my cardinals are a Beast (587) and are definitely worth some cheesy poofs.”
“How about… no!”
“What!?! You Thrasher (563) I’ll tell the E.A.R.T.H. squad (618) about your crooked business!” yelled Sparky.
“No Sault Instigator (1596) is going to get no herb roasted firebird of mine.”
All of a sudden, Sparky stole the herb roasted firebird and cheesy poofs and ran for it, he was then followed by Enforcers (178), Cyber-Crusaders (272),Techengineers (334), and Technical Terminators (1051). They were one TUFF team (203). However, he managed to escape by running down 1590 (1590) avenue, and Technotics (1626 / 546) Gearbox Gangstas (1648) grabbed him and forced him into a dark alley.
“Give me all your battery Chargers (604 / 894), we know you have them.”
“ Never! You’ll never get them even if I have a Flashback (168) and Chief Delphi (47) kicks me repeatedly with the Baxter Bomb Squad (16). Even then, it would take Raider Robotix (25) with RobbeXtreme (56) and even then, Gila Monsters (64), Panthers (1108), Iron Eagle (1219), and Orange Tide (294) couldn’t get the chargers out of me!”
screamed Sparky.
“What the EnTech (281)! We just want battery chargers.” replied Baldwin (1546) the leader of the Technotics Gearbox Gangstas. “I mean, our Roboto (447) has sufficient Horsepower (801) and all, but it needs Mor Torq (1515). I mean the RPM (514) is shot.”
“No! Get the Tribe (237 / 224) on me for all I care. You will not give you the battery chargers. Not if you duct tape Caution (1492) over my mouth and gave me some High Voltage (231) and stuck me in a Scorpion’s (714) pit!”
“This guy is some B cubed (1261), (Bad Beans Betty. lol) I mean, is he just asking for some hurting from Near North Student Robotics Initiative (1305)? Whatever, this guy is too much of a Wild Card (151), let’s just pummel someone else.” said Baldwin, and the Technotics Gearbox Gangsta left Sparky all by himself. Sparky thought to himself, “man, the crazy tactic worked!!!”
Sparky was now on his way to meet Moe, the miracle worker, with his herb roasted firebird and cheesy poofs.

“TJ2 (88)!!! You made it!” shouted Moe.
“Ok, I got what you wanted, through Eaglestrike (114) and all. You owe me.”
“Right, let me summon the Robo Wizard.” Moe started doing a little dance, “Mukwonago Masters of Machinery (930)!!! I summon thee!!!”
“What’s the password?” boomed the sky.
“What? A password? Right… I got it here somewhere… Oooo… Now I remember, it’s in my handheld Cybersonic (103), ok. Got it! It’s 304-1403 (304 / 1403).” The sky started to rumble with Gael Force (126) and a sudden bolt of lightning, like the might of the RoboRaiders (75), and out popped the Robo Wizard.
“Robo Wizard, can you tell me how to defeat the dragon?” inquired Sparky.
“Well, we could use the Elements (945), or we could just wing it.” replied the Robo Wizard.
“No, I need to win this battle!”
“Fine, fine. See that dragon over there.”
“Now it’s dead.” all you could see was some purple smoke and all of a sudden the dragon keeled over.
“Well that was fast. Thank you!” Sparky then went into the village to announce that he had killed the dreaded dragon. So, the king forked over Miss Daisy and Sparky and Miss Daisy lived happily ever after. :smiley:

The End