Nationals Frisbee.

Hey the national competition is in Atlanta which means that there will be warm weather, open feilds and FRISBEE. This will be a refreshing change from Rochester, NY. :slight_smile: Anybody want to try and meet up and try and get a game of ultimate going at nationals?

I know it’s a long way but I’m really really excited. :cool:

:slight_smile: There is that pretty field out, and generally Ultimate is found there. Be sure to bring a frisbee…

It’s still going to be chilly in the morning but it gets nice quickly but at least there is no snow.

Nearly anything has to be warmer and more friendly than Rochester. :slight_smile:

Well Rochester is one of the friendliset places I have ever seen but it does get mighty cold and snowy.
Probably why so many young people bolt for otehr places when they get old enough. Great place to raise a family though.

I’d say that’s true, I don’t regret growing up here. If I had lived on warm tropical shores where everyday there was beautiful sand and surf I suppose I never would have appreciated a white Christmas. :slight_smile:

You can appreciate a white Christman even growing up in Florida…you just have to move when you get old enough, like me.

right now in the southern state were really warmer than normal. Which means it will must likely it will snow in April

I’m in for frisbee, I’ll bring all of mine. (12)

What could possibly be better than Frisbee?.. Oh yeah ROBOTICS… Can’t Wait for nationals! And Living in Rochester totally rules! When you live here you learn to love the snow and you get to have more fun driving in the winter!.. oh yeah i am about to get my liscense so you all better watch out!


:cool: I’m sure Dori and I can rustle up some more players at nationals :stuck_out_tongue:

My wife was born and Jamacia and grew up in St. Croix. Yet she moved here. She hasn’t been dianosed as insane so I guess she did it willingly.
Go figure.

I’ll be there, it would be awesome to have a gigantic game of frisbee!

It could be a lot of fun, and this is definitely something we’d be able to set up unlike some of the other ideas, like DDR or lan parties.

Assuming that athleticism isn’t required (I live up to the stereotype of “scrawny little programmer”), I’m in. :slight_smile:

I have an awesome home-made LED frisbee; I’ll make sure to bring it down to atlanta.

I have an awesome home-made LED frisbee; I’ll make sure to bring it down to atlanta.

That is amazing! I so wanna see this LED Friscus! I can’t wait Untill Atlanta. We should get a little First Frisbee league going to meet up there!.. how could we set this up…

Most definitely!
But honestly, that would be great. On lunch break we can have some fun out on the field. Yay! Now i can’t wait to spend time out in the sun. Hardly did that this past summer. Quite sad, really. :frowning:

eee! thats awesome!!! ahah i’d love to see how you made that… as long as i’m not getting hypnotized again i’m up for a game of ultimate frisbee! :slight_smile: what could be more fun besides robotics and ddr? :smiley:

ah and white christmases? i lived in connecticut until i was two… so i’m sure i had one but i dont remember and i really cant say i’ve ever really experienced snow. :-/ hopefully when pink invades denver i’ll get to play in the snow! (and maybe nail my brother with a snowball) ^.^

Team 88 will chalange anyone to ultimate frisbee
for most team members, frisbee is what we do during the off season

I’ll be out where I was last year for most of the days. The field with all those wierd towers, near that fountain with the guy holding the rings. I spent well over 12 hours out there over Nats playing pick up with anybody who came by, it was awesome.