Nationals Last Year

this may have been asked before, but I can’t find it. So: Last year during nationals I heard there was one time during autonomous when one robot refilled the other. Does anyone have a link to a video of that?

Thanks a million,

There was a name for it too. Lil’ Lavery named it the Atom Bomb or something along those lines if I can.

As much as I’d like to steal credit for naming it the “A-Bomb”, I didn’t. I did make a prediction that it may occur though.
Also, it wasn’t during autonomous, it was during the tele-operated phase of the game, and it occurred several times. It also occurred once or twice at various regionals as well.
As soon as SOAP is back up, I link videos.

We had that happen to us last year at Boilermaker. Someone fired a poof ball out of the playing field and it landed in our hopper while we were in queing.

SOAP’s up (that sounds really weird for some reason), you just have to access the videos from here:

The videos available on the Circuitrunners site for the 2006 Finals on Einstein do not show the feed from 195 to 968. Since they came from Newton, there may be video from that field that shows it available there. However I have video I took myself from the opposite side of the field (near the scoring table) that clearly shows the feed in both finals matches. I don’t have the bandwidth to put it up for free down load (each is =/- 125 MB), but if you’re interested let me know and I’ll work something out for you.