Nationals Webcasts question

Is there a way to watch the web casts not live but like download it and watch it? or was only a live thing? :confused: If you can download it please give me a link to the download.

SOAP has everything archived here. All matches and award presentations are in seperate downloadable files.

Out of curiosity, does anyone recall if SOAP was recording the matches on DaVinci?

SOAP seems to have everything, except for the things regarding the Chairman’s award and the wrap video. Any chance that they have it, but just haven’t posted it?

We did not encode Vex or FLL.

We had to tear down before the final 3-4 movies could upload which includes the CA. They should be up sometime tomorrow (Wed.).

KA-108 :cool:

Do you have any of the raw footage from FLL and VEX? I would be willing to host it on our server (, as we did not have a chance to tape much of the FLL matches.


Paul Tan.
Coach of SCS Pengiuns
FLL Team 752 (2005-2006)
Toronto, Canada

Great job guys/gals at SOAP. Excellent productions as usual we appreciate all the work that goes into editing all the footage. I know that it takes time to get everything to the right format. I did all the Finger Lakes videos this year for the first time. We may continue to do it again next year as well.

If you need any of the Fingerlakes for your archives I am serving it at


I was able to get the Vex semifinals and finals from DaVinci recorded if anyone would like to see them. They’re available here.