I was just sitting here watching nationals over the net, when I thought…Why is it that nationals is always in the south or near the east coast. I mean it only seems fair to rotate the nationals every year, then it is easier for smaller teams like #940 to go to nationals. So is there a reason that the nationals are in the south or near the coast??? THANKS

I think rotating nationals is a good idea… kinda like the olympics…sort of…

When you consider that the FIRST staff is so very small, it would be almost impossible for them to arrange a moving tournament. My guess is that we will end up back in Flordia next year and stay there for quite some time.

that would be just fine… if not great… i think florida may have been a little better than Houston for various reasons. ie: disney/disney hotels… :smiley:

I would love to return to disney that is where the home of the nationals really is.

the thing about rotating where nats is held is that most cities won’t know what they’re in for until they host one. Houston did an exceptional job for being only their first nats, however, we all know that there are some things that could be changed to greatly improve the event: i.e. later/easier transportation, etc. It simply would not be as well organized or as fun to keep swapping cities, some cities just wouldn’t know how to handle it.

Its seems unfair that small teams like mine #940 had to spend almost $1500 a person to go last year. FIRST always shows there support for rookie teams, But many of them are to small to put together the funds to get to Nationals. In our case we had a team of 21 but only 3 people had the $ to go. I’m thinking they should have 4 set places that would be in 4 different areas of the country, and rotate them every year. I was thinking St Louis, Orlando, Boston, and San Fran. Its just an Idea…Thanks

That’s just a sign that you need to do more fund raising. I understand that with it being your first year, raising that much money is difficult. (How did you come up with $1500 per student? I didn’t think it was nearly that much!)

The only thing that would change pricewise in changing cities would be the airline tickets. I don’t think there was a whole lot of difference between flying to Florida and flying to Texas. It just seems that moving nats for that reason wouldn’t make much sense.

It would also be MUCH harder on FIRST, I’d imagine. Trying to keep nats in the same place is probably hard enough. Moving from city to city would make it much harder. They would need to work out deals everywhere they went rather than just making one deal to hold out for a few years.

As nice as it would be, I just don’t think it’s plausible. Then again…who knows :slight_smile:

Well no matter what happens, I think that Orlando is BY FAR the best place for Nationals.:slight_smile: