Nattering Nabobs of Negativity

Nattering Nabobs of Negativity

Okay folks, it’s here, Game Day…

…and as sure as I am typing here, there are going to be a lot of folks upset about this or that or the other thing.

I am not writing to ask you not to be upset. We all get upset, especially about things we love. That is fine.

I am asking each and every one of you to keep your POSTS as upbeat as you can, as positive as you can, and, if you must criticize, restrict it to CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

Below are some examples of what I DON’T want to read:

  • “I can’t believe that FIRST screw up so badly.”
  • “They blew it AGAIN.”
  • “This game sucks.”
  • "That rule is worse than… "
  • “The Sky is Falling!”
  • "FIRST should have… "
  • "Woodie and Dean should have… "
  • "Dave Lavery should have… "
  • “XXX is an idiot.”

You get the idea.

If you don’t understand an aspect of the game, fine, let’s talk about the game. If you are concerned about the consequences or implications of a rule or set of rules, very good, let’s hash things out. If you are worried about a kit part or shipping containers or Dave Lavery’s wardrobe, OK, there are probably a lot of folks worried with you. We can talk about them, but let’s all agree to do it in a respectful manner (well, except perhaps those Hawaiian Shirts, they have GOT TO GO, Dave, I tried to be nice, but somethings you just have to be blunt about – just kidding :wink:

Seriously though, we can talk about things, even things we have negative feelings about, in a way that is respectful of FIRST, of other teams, and of all the 1000’s of volunteers who have made this FIRST season possible.

That is my plea. I hope you will honor it.

Let’s have a great 2006 Season.

Joe J.

Note to all the moderators:
If folks DON’T voluntarily stick to the plan, I urge you to quickly take care of business.

Note to all readers:
The reputation system is a GREAT way to let folks know that they have addresses a sensitive issue in an appropriate way (Positive Reputation Points) AND that they are getting close to the line (Neutral Reputation Points) or that they have gone over it (Negative Reputation Points).


I agree with J.J.

Well put and Amen!

And the Hawaiian shirt did go! Woody and Dave looked and sounded like members of Project Mayhem!

The kickoff was pretty durned amazing (my first one where I was going to be playing the game). Could you clarify for us Delphi noobs and noobesses how the reputation works? Can individuals score posts, etc.? Maybe I’m missing something hopelessly obvious. If so, sorry.


You affect somebody’s reputation by clicking the scale icon next to their posts and telling them you approve, disapprove, or neutral. Use it sparingly, especially for disapproval reputations. The amount of “reputation points” you give somebody is dependent on how many reputation points you have - you can see your reputation by clicking the “user cp” option in the top bar.

There’s a whole section in the FAQ about it, as well as a few threads in the ‘Help / Comments / Suggestions’ forum.