Nav-x vs ADXRS450

Our team has been using the ADXRS 450 the last couple of years with decent success to do some simple autos. Last season we were able to use it to guide us to the opposite side of the field behind the switch in auto to score on the scale.

We are considering upgrading to the Nav-X? Is it really that much better? We have had decent success using it but will the Nav-X be more accurate? We have found that the ADXRS450 tends to drift some.

There was some discussion on this a few months ago here. You’ll find the Nav-X drifts significantly less (usually only a degree or two by the end of a match), so if that benefits how you plan to use a gyro sensor this year it’s worth the upgrade.

There was an FPGA improvement made this year that should make the ADXRS450 even more accurate with less drift than previous years, but I don’t have any empirical measurements. You may want to give it another try to see if the drift has improved.

Edit: There is a known issue with auto SPI (which is used by the ADXRS450) in the 2019_v12 image. Fortunately, there is a workaround.