navigate and default code newbie question

If we use the default code to run our robot, how do we incorporate navigate to run the ir sensors in autonomous mode?

If you can make it simple, I would appreciate it. I’m just a fabricator who got elected to program the bot.

well, most of the code is contained in tracker.c and navigate.c - there shouldn’t be too many modifications.

first, navigate uses pwms 3 and 4, whereas the default code uses 1 and 2 - you’ll need to reconcile this.

second, the call to navigate should go in User_Autonomous_Code.

It was talked about here [thread]216607[/thread].
In addition to those instructions you’ll also need the navigate.c and navigate.h files, and you’ll need to add a call to navigate() to the User_Autonomous_Code() routine in the user_routines_fast.c file.