Navigational problem

Hi! I got this code from Mr. Kevin’s site which is file and i dowload it in the robot and I connect the servo motors to pwm1 and pwm2 and IR sensors to analog I/O but the sensors and servo motor’s don’t work anyone has any idea why? We are following all the steps there are and our sensor and servo motor’s are fine becasue we tried them on edu Rc and they work so they should work on frc as well but they don’t? :ahh: :confused: :frowning:

If your servos don’t work, first make sure you have a good 7.2v battery connected.

The IR detectors should be connected to digital inputs. You need to read the comments in receiver.c (or is it receiver.h?) to see which digital inputs to use.

this has been mentioned before, but if you are just wanting to test the servos, use, not - navigate is designed to drive the robot to the beacon, whereas tracker simply locks the servos onto the beacon.