NAVX 2 Outputs disconnecting reconnecting

NavX 2 says it is disconnecting and reconnecting in the driver station terminal. Rio reboot seems to fix it. Anyone have any idea what is happening?

My team had that issue last year and the problem was the NavX itself wasn’t properly seated in the Rio/ wiggled itself out during use. It may not be what is causing your issue but it never hurts to try and re-seat the NavX and make sure it doesn’t wiggle.

What interface are using with the NavX?

We are using the MXP Port on the RIO

On the MXP Port, there are several interfaces that you can choose from in the NavX constructor. I2C, SPI, Serial, etc. That’s what I meant.

Oh, Okay. It’s connected via SPI.

Do you see the issue if you switch to using I2C instead of SPI?

Is the NavX rebooting? We have seen issues where NavX power supply via MXP can blink out causing a reboot of NavX. Our solution is to provide “backup” power via USB in addition to the power via the MXP connector.

See item 2:

We are going to give this a try. I’m pretty sure this is what’s actually wrong. I’ll update the post if that is the case.

This :point_up_2:

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