NAVX AHRS import error

I would like to use NAVX gyros in my robot code so I downloaded the vendordeps from . When I import com.kauailabs.navx.frc.AHRS, VSCode underlines it in red saying “The import com.kauailabs cannot be resolved.” although whenever I build the code there are no issues. However, when I go to make my Gyro object, the build fails saying “AHRS cannot be resolved to a type”. I have the right vendordeps downloaded so I was wondering the cause of this. For reference the code looks like this:

import com.kauailabs.navx.frc.AHRS; //underlined red but builds fine
import org.texastorque.torquelib.base.TorqueFeedback;

public class GyroFeedback extends TorqueFeedback{

    private final AHRS nxGyro; //underlined red and build error

    public void update() {
        // TODO Auto-generated method stub

Just to confirm - does “Downloaded” imply you followed the WPI Documentation steps and didn’t have errors while doing so?

Yes, I had no errors when getting the vendordeps

Hey Suhas,

I checked out your code. It built successfully for me and ran in the simulation fine. I see you upgraded the NavX library from 3.* to 4.*, which could be causing an issue. Talk to me tomorrow during the meeting, and I can work with you to fix it.

Thanks, Jack!

Issue was due to Java cache. Fixed by clearing cache and refreshing vendordeps.

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