NavX and non-right-angle orientations

We have a NavX gyro that we have used for years and love it - works great. Our orientation of the NavX (and corresponding roborio) has always been at a right angle orientation relative to the floor.
This year we might be mounting the electronics on an angled portion of the robot, which would mean recalibration. Kauai Labs has their omnimount feature which allows this, but requires the NavX to be still on a right-angle orientation (I think).

Anyone had a similar issue here? How did you solve it?

Team 1778 Chill Out!

By reminding the mechanical team that there are constraints that must be followed in order for everything to work.


Try using an extension cable so that you can mount the navx somewhere else so that is will be at a 90 degree angle to the floor.

One of the 3 axes (X, Y or Z) needs to point towards the floor, here’s why: because the onboard accellerometer data, which measures gravity, is fused with the gyroscope data. This sensor fusion helps the accuracy of the yaw angle over time, but it also means the yaw angle could be impacted if the sensor is not mounted so that the chosen axis (determined by the sensor during omnimount configuration) can accurately measure earth’s gravity.