NavX angle jumps

We are spinning the robot and for some reason, the NavX yaw angle (yes it’s the correct axis) jumps 180 degrees (from -60 to 120 back to -60, and so on) and the angle doesn’t move by the movement of the robot, any idea what’s causing this?


Just some more details first… is this a NavX classic or NavX2? I’m assuming it’s plugged into the MXP port? What orientation is the NavX mounted in on the robot?

its a NavX-MXP
it is connected to the MXP port
it is vertical on the side of the robot (yaw is the correct axis we had it mounted the same way before and it way also yaw)

We had to manually calibrate our Navx2-MXP last Saturday seeing similar inconsistencies. Follow the omnimount calibration instructions to see if you’re still seeing the same issues after the fact.

Secondarily, make sure that it’s mounted properly on the robot (either vertically, horizontally, and at the expected rotation.

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If you’re going to mount it vertically, you have to “teach” it that’s the way it’s mounted first. You use the omnimount feature for this.

Once you teach it that it’s mounted vertically, then “yaw” will give you the direction the robot is pointed.

it was mounted the same way with the exact same navx before, do i still need to “teach it”

You shouldn’t but maybe someone reset it to factory defaults, or a firmware update reset it? I wouldn’t assume anything.

i calibrated it il test it in a sec and let you know what happends

Another thing to keep in mind, especially with the NavX-MXP classic, is that you shouldn’t move the robot at all for about 20 seconds after power-on, or that could mess up the NavX’s power-on self-calibration.

the problem is no longer present, its important to note i also changed the code a bit of where we reset the navx

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