navX Communication Issues

In the process of trying to update all the firmware for our roboRIO/radio/navX, we ran into an issue with USB communication on the navX.

As far as we can tell, the PC is never actually seeing the navX being connected via USB. We tried it on a few different laptops and it didn’t appear on any o them. It doesn’t appear in firmware update mode or operational mode. According to their website, it should install the drivers for USB communication when you run the setup.exe for the latest version, but it seems that it has not.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and/or know a fix?

Hi! Yes, same thing happened to me on a brand new navX-micro. It wouldn’t connect to the Roborio with any of the interfaces. So I tried it directly to a laptop with the USB, and none of the navX software could even see it. I conferred with KauliLabs (who makes it) and sent it back. They sent me a new one in its place, and now all is good.

Do any of the LEDs turn on?

Yes, it is receiving power and the 2 green LEDs turn on.

Mentor on same team as GPreston. After corresponding with NavX support and getting prompt responses, we needed to unblock the navX zip file then install as administrator and we could see the navX.

Had one more problem updatng firmware because of a dll conflict with Virtual Studio on my machine (not VS Code) but was able to flash on another machine.