NavX Firmware update

Recently I reread the navX user guide, and it mentioned firmware updates. My team has used a navX for the last 2 years, and nobody mentioned upgrading the navX firmware. I searched the navx website for the updated firmware and found nothing. Does anyone have any experience with this? Does the firmware update have any advantages? Anyhow, are there any advanced features on the navx? We have only used ‘AHRS.getAngle()’ and the expansion board.

My philosophy is to always get on the latest version of everything at the start of build season, and then only update if there is good reason to. Good reasons are typically bug fixes that could effect us or new features that are immediately useful.


Got beat by you by like 10s… Good advice and that’s the link OP needed.

Thanks for the link. We use Sparkmaxes and VictorSPX/TalonSRXs, so we do upgrade the firmware at build season. I even upgraded the PDP firmware … and if the PCM had a new version I would have upgraded it too…

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