NavX Gyro Issue

I am having a strange issue with NavX. When I try to print the NavX gyro angle, it returns values for about a second, then returns “navX-MXP SPI Read: CRC error”. After that, the values stop updating, and freeze at whatever value was last recorded. I’ve tried looking up what the error means, but there doesn’t seem to be much documentation.

Would appreciate any help.

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Please share a link to your code.

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The CRC error means that communication with the navX-sensor over SPI is not working correctly. The most likely cause for this the navX-sensor is either becoming physically disconnected from the RoboRIO MXP port (missing screws?) or losing power (which can happen, for instance, during a brownout condition) and rebooting.

If you haven’t already, it’s recommended to review all of the navX-sensor Best Practices guidance.

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