navX Gyro sensor drift

Hey There!
I am Rader From MA - 5951, and we have a navX problems.

Our problem is that after driving the robot for about 3 minutes, we have an angle error of 17 to 25 degrees. We get this error no matter what gyro we are trying to use.

Do any of you have a similar problem? and if you do, how do you handle it?

Thanks in advanced, Rader

Perform calibration with your motors off?

(See the guidance page)

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We used NavX last year for field centered driving with mecanum wheels and we never had to reset the gyro to eliminate drift. By the end of the match we were off a little bit, probably five but no more than 10 degrees in the worst case.

We didn’t have to do anything “special” to make that happen. We followed the instructions for setting it up, and it worked.

Yes, We’ve tried that, but we still couldn’t eliminate the drift.
We’ll try that again to see if we did something wrong

Which method are you using to get your yaw

Are you using the fused heading?


No, but we will try it now.
Thank you

@YuvalRader Please report back here if using the fused heading reduces the gyro drift. I’ve read here on CD and the documentation on NavX and other IMUs that fused has less drift, but have not yet tested it myself.


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