NavX Interfering with Robot Communication

We were trying to play with and use our new NavX gyro. We plugged it into the RoboRio and screwed it down. Once I did research, I implemented code to receive data and achieved to do so but within 10 mins I could not connect/talk to the RoboRio. I dont know if I did wrong code or if I need to connect something else to the board itself.

Am I forgetting something?

Any Solutions or suggestions?

In order for anyone to help you out, we’ll probably need to see your code. I know that the navX hasn’t caused any similar issues for us at least.

I won’t be able to get the code for a while but what I can tell you is that I tried two methods. One of them was telling me to put the NavX main in the and I tied to put it on the I am assuming that that’s were I could be incorrect with the communication loss/detection.

I hope this helps for now

(An example code that I could try would help too)


You may also want to review this active thread: Robot Keeps Losing Com and Code

The thread discusses an apparent issue on the RoboRIO which may be related.

This issue is actively being worked on, and there’s not a resolution yet. Some of the workarounds being attempted, which appear to improve things, include decreasing the update rate and using SPI communication instead of I2C.

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Thanks, I’ll take a look.

I was thinking that it had to be with the SPI part of the RoboRio because the communication starts working again after I take out the NavX and remove the code.

Since we’re keeping track of the environment in each reported cases - what language do you program your robot with?


Do not put the navX vi in the begin. The navX main vi is a loop and will hold the LabVIEW code in the begin. It should be very easy to integrate the navX. Put the main vi somewhere on the block diagram. Do not put it in a loop. If you run it at 100 Hz you should be able to run your robot without any issues. There is a video on the you tube that explains how to use this device. I tried to make the integration as simple as possible.

The other thing you could do that would help the most would be to post your code for me to look at.


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