NavX LabVIEW Source Code

Hi all,

Does anyone have the example LabVIEW source code for navX IMU?

I have been trying to look for one but did not managed to find one that works.

The one on, the library VI is corrupted and i cant use it.

I’ll be really grateful if someone can pass me a copy of the old (2014 FRC Build Season) CRio FRC LabView Library.


Hi Xun,

Im not sure if this will work for a cRIO, but if you haven’t found this yet, there is a LabVIEW library from The Zebracorns (FRC900) for the navX. Below are some links to it.

ChiefDelphi Post:
GitHub Repo:
Kauailabs Wiki:

Thank you Caboose for the reply!
What i require is the WPI library VIs.

I have downloaded your code, but after i download i realised that the WPI Library VIs are also missing or deleted or moved to other places. Can i check on your side if the WPI library working?

The 2014 FRC specific LabVIEW vi’s come in this package.
They require the 2013 LabVIEW baseline.

2014 FRC Update: