NAVX Libraries

We are trying to use the Navx board in LV for gyro angle controlled driving in auto mode. We’re having difficulties talking to the Navx board in general. One item of difficulty is how to make available the Navx libraries in LV. Last night we looked at the example code and cut & pasted the open part into the and the read part into but got no response. Are we missing a step somewhere? One thing i noticed is the DevRef naming appears different than what we’re used to with the WPI library functions. Not sure that has any bearing on it. Any help is appreciated.

The team I’m helping with found that they had old firmware on their navX. The board works much better with newer firmware. But we are seeing a crash issue on subsequent interactive deployments.

Greg McKaskle

We did the firmware upgrade last night before we started.

Did the example code work and yours not? What do you mean by “make available the Navx libraries in LV”? Are you adding the library file to your project? Do you have the latest version of the library (v2.0.4.0)? What interface are you using for communications? Although I tried to make things similar, the LabVIEW library for the navX is not a WPI library.

That’s odd…logs? What type of crash? Are you using the stop VI in your finish? What interface are you using for communications?

We did not run the example code - will suggest students do that tonight.

We would like the navX library to be available in LV just like the other libraries, like WPI etc. so that you can click on VIs and drag them onto the schematic.

I’ll have students check our library version tonight.

In the example when you open the navX in, the DevRef goes to a cluster. Is that global? How does reference the navX?

I’m currently playing with creating a menu for the library.

Which example? The examples in ‘Examples/Functions’ were created by me. The examples in ‘Examples/Robot’ were created by Kauai Labs. There is a GetRefNum/SetRefNum VI that is base on the WPI GetRefNum/SetRefNum.