NavX MXP Error Messages

Hey Chief,

My team is testing our new NavX MXP gyro on our spare RIO, and each time we run our code (even if the robot is disabled) we get the following messages:

Opening TTL UART serial port to communicate with navX-MXP/Micro
Retransmitting stream configuration command to navX-MXP/Micro
navX-MXP/Micro Configuration Response Received

edu.wpi.first.hal.util.UncleanStatisException: Code -1073807253. HAL - VISA: Framing Error
Closing TTL UART serial port to communicate with navX-MXP/Micro

Right now we have the NavX connected through the RoboRIO MXP port and are planning to switch it to a USB port when we transfer it to the real robot. I think these errors are messing with how the NavX transfers the angle, as when we turned it 90 degrees, it read an 80 degree change. Is there a way to fix these errors?


Jonathan Daniel

I would recommend not using serial to communicate with the navX MXP. Best to consider SPI or I2C instead.

That worked! Thank you for your help.

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