NavX MXP getAltitude()

Does anyone know if the NavX getAltitude() function is sensitive enough, or accurate enough, to know if the robot has moved from the ground to the 3rd level of the HAB? I don’t have access to the robot right present and need to figure out a means of capturing how high the robot has climbed. We ran into issues with the brushless motors and don’t have access to anything else that can take a hall effect sensor at the moment. Going back to brushless isn’t feasible at the moment either. The trick being that we need to give constant power to the motors when at height BUT it needs to be outside of the control be an operator to really be effective. And we have 6 hours to finish up the testing and building yet.

I don’t think the baro sensor that uses is installed on the NavX MXP.

Bummer. On to plan, uh, no clue what number we’re up to this week.

Joe’s right, navX-sensors altitude data is available only on the “Aero” edition boards.

Perhaps you could use a distance sensor (either IR or Ultrasonic would likely work) looking down from the chassis frame (e.g., at bumper level) and measuring distance to the surface underneath.

That might could work. I know we have at least 2, a 1 meter and 3 meter, hanging about somewhere. I know where the 1 meter is and that should suffice.

Put a sensor on the mechanism lifting your robot. Any reason you can’t use an encoder?

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We have zero spare encoders. We could actually use a second one for our Talon, but alas, it winged away to parts unknown last year. The only ones available are those built into the brushless motor assemblies and would take too much of our unbag time to swap them out a second time. We also had some stall issues with those motors that weren’t happening on the mini-cims based on what the students relayed. I’ll either have to go with the distance sensor or the team is going to need to put in a mechanical stop to prevent it from going past a certain point.

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