NavX MXP or NavX MXP and Analog Devices Gyroscope

A mentor bought both the NavX MXP and the Analog Devices Gyroscope. Would I be better off using just the NavX or use both? Basically which Gyroscope is better?

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I’m not sure which Analog Devices Gyroscope the mentor bought - but the navX-MXP has a sophisticated motion processor that can calculate yaw, pitch and roll angles (by fusing data from 3 accelerometers and 3 gyroscopes). So in addition to measuring the robot z axis rotation angle (yaw) with a typical accuracy of 1 degree/second in a FRC competition setting, it can also measure the angle of forward and lateral tilt (enabling software to detect when the robot is at an angle on the ramp) and also can detect motion and collisions.

Here’s a link to the FRC examples available for navX-MXP via the libraries for RoboRIO.

And navX-MXP also has Expansion IO capabilities.

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Thanks for the information. I figured that would be the answer but just wanted to make sure.

You mean 1 degree/minute, right?

Joe is right, I meant to say 1 degree/minute. Thanks, Joe! :slight_smile: