NavX offset from rotation?


We are playing with our NavX but we have the problem with no being able to centrally mount the NavX. I saw on this site: it says:

#9] If the navX-MXP circuit board cannot be mounted near the robot’s center of rotation, the offset from the center of rotation can be used to correct the yaw angle.

Now it doesn’t say how to go about doing this. I feel like there should be a function that you could call to do this. I searched all over and couldn’t find anything else about it other than on that page. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

For practical purposes, the amount of error is reasonably insignificant that it’s likely not worth addressing. However, here’s a link to a paper that discusses techniques for dealing with misalignment between the sensor axes frame and the robot’s inertial frame of reference, which could perhaps become useful if you encounter issues.