NavX Problem

We have a navx connected to the roborio, the navx does not power up any more, any work around to solve the problem?

Try to power it from a USB cable?

Could you send us a picture. I have had the problem before where you are off by a few pins because of the size of the port. Check if the bolt holes at the top line up with the ones on the rio

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have you tried plugging it into the expanstion port on the rio

yes, it’s not working

can you show me a pic of it pluged into the rio

If you’ve tried to power it up both by USB and by the MXP port from the RIO, and no power in either case, sounds like either the onboard voltage regulator or op-amp is having a problem.

We can replace it for you, just fill out an RMA here.


  • scott

What color is the power LED on the

Done, thanks