NAVX says attempting to connect

We had a working navx and suddenly it stopped connecting over the USB connection / serial.port.kusb .

it basically says something along the lines of
attempting to connect
error connecting

This suddenly stopped working and we aren’t sure why . We where debugging an issue why our swerve suddenly stopped driving straight and noticed the GYRO was 0 with no code changes.

We had moved it from the dedicated I2C port about a week prior and it had been working up until that point. Is there a specific USB port that Serial.Port.kUSB implementation is looking for it , I am confident that we tried unplugging it and plugging it into either. I know I2C is kinda iffy and can cause lockups so we’d rather not switch it back ( although we hadn’t seen it in practice when we had it hooked up to that ). how common is that I2C lockup issue ?

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