navX Sensor Labview Issues

Our team has recently been trying to use the navX with Labview robot code to get Linear Acceleration, Yaw, and Velocity data. However, we are running into several errors/issues while trying to do so. We used the Labview navX Libraries and VIs from .

We are able to compile the code on the laptop and deploy it successfully, but when we enable to robot and try to run the code, we get several errors, and the navX does not return any values. Additionally, whenever we put any navX code into our project(even in just, our drivetrain refuses to move. As soon as we remove the navX code, it works again. Our navX mounted directly onto the roboRIO and has been updated to the latest firmware version.

Images of our code and the code itself are all posted in this google drive folder:

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as we have been struggling with this for a while now.

Some of the errors we get on the DS:

ERROR -63195 Read/Write Control in>>>WPI_MotorControlOpen&>WPI_MotorControlOpen
ERROR -44035 FRC: The PWM channel index is invalid.

I had that error before.

I updated the libraries to the most recent version (2.0.5), played around with the way the library was added to the robot project, and updated the firmware on the navX, and now I don’t have any problems with it.

I am using v2.0.5 of the libraries, and I updated the navX to the latest firmware last night.

How did you add the library to the robot project? I dragged and dropped the library into the main project window, and I was able to add the Vis from there into Begin, Teleop, and Finish.

Here are pictures of my code:

I’m sorry you are having this issue, this is odd. I see that you are using the lvlibp form of the library, have you tried the zipped version? Let me know if that works, I may need to fix how the lvlibp is built if that is the case.