NavX update causing odd problems at district event

So this is something that has been on my mind for a while. This is my first year so I don’t really know all the details but something strange happened at our district event. For 3 matches we disconnected for about 2 seconds in auto give or take, like no comms at all in the ds logs, and First claims that it was because we didn’t update our NavX. Other teams were having a similar issue but the event was over before we really had a chance to delve into what was happening/talk to them, it’s too late to really do anything about but just wanted to know how a firmware update could cause such a strange problem.

So what happens, as far as I can tell, is that when the NavX attempt to initialize in code, it’ll do it’s thing but when it fails due to the vendor library not having support for super old firmware versions, it’ll fail to connect to the NavX, blocking your main robot loop until it connects, resulting in the watchdog not being fed, resulting in a disable.

All I know for sure is that our disables perfectly co-ensided with our navX spitting out an error in the DS logs, and updating the firmware fixed it.

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Okay thanks! That makes sense

If tjf’s suggestion doesn’t work, please post the Driver Station Logs to this thread; there is almost surely useful information in those logs about what is occurring.

Yeah definitely

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