navX2 MXP Interference

Hey all! We started setting up our final electronics configuration. We are using a steel plate to mount all the electronics onto. However we are a bit skeptical because the steel might cause interference with our navX2. On the other hand, the gyro is being calibrated every startup so we do not think it will be a big issue. Will the steel plate throw off our gyro readings? If so how could we insulate it?

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The gyro is accelerometer-based and that won’t be affected by nearby magnetic fields or ferrous materials.

There is a magnetometer on the NavX2 (to measure absolute heading based on magnetic field) but it’s unreliable in FRC circumstances and I don’t know of anyone using that feature.

That said, try to keep high current wires (like motor and battery cables) away from low current signal circuits, just as a general rule, but don’t stress too much about it.

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Got it, that’s perfect! Also do you reckon we’ll face any issues with the rest of the electronics such as the Roborio and the PDP?

I don’t think so.

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