NBA Playoffs 2008


even though I am a total FIRST addict, I still find time to watch and follow basketball which is my second passion.
Now the playoff time has come…what do you think who will make the title?
I would guess the Suns, the Rockets, the Celtics or the Mavs…my favorite would be the Mavs, but I am, as a German, not really objective…go Dirk Nowitzki…overall the Celtics or Suns will probably end up first!

What do you think?


KB24 MVP!!! He is and everyone knows it. Dont hate Kobe, celebrate how great of a player he is.

Anyways, I think Lakers have a great shot at taking it all, even without Bynum down in the paint. We got Gasol.

Ill post my prediction bracket once season ends.

im a HUGE Dallas fan, great to see their finally putting it together with the Kidd Trade…

sidenote: imagine Mark Cuban at a FIRST event. now that would be FUNNY

Who thinks Nuggets will make it to the playoffs with Carmelo Anthony gone, at least it seems temporarily after his DUI arrest today?

They are in by the simple fact that Golden State will probably lose to Phoenix tonight and even if they win Denver can beat Memphis without Melo. They were going to get bounced in the first round by the Lakers either way. It doesn’t matter who comes out of the West, the Pistons are going to win the championship. Chauncey and Rip will lead us back to the finals where we will beat up on a gassed out Phoenix team.


Nah, Lakers have it. No contest. Gasol is back where he should be, Fisher is getting used to the injured foot. Bynum may be out, but Odom and Turiaf are doing amazing. And Kobe, need I say more.

I agree with this statement :stuck_out_tongue:

Spurs over the Celtics in 6

you all are crazy, must not be watching the same basketball as me. Lakers over Celtics 6 games

Detroit over Celtics in 5.

Going for Celtics vs the Lakers. :rolleyes:
Celtics shouldn’t have lost that game last night btw.

Heck the Celtics are lucky the Cavs were equally as bad in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semis, or they might be golfing right now.

Deeeeeetrooooooit basketballlllll. Lesser of two evils to root for. :wink:

Hey, I’m fine as long as the Spurs lose. haha (no offense to San Antonio fans) :stuck_out_tongue:

I had the great fortune of watching Game 1 of the Pistons-Celtics series with a pair of Boston fans, but the Pistons made up for it last night! I also got a few text messages from teammates after that one… I guess that’s what happens when you’re a Detroit fan living in New England :wink:

Why the hate? :smiley:

Go Spurs!

Bah, why can’t the Spurs keep it up! They let the Lakers off in game 1 and got slaughtered in game 2. They need to pick it up and fast.

That second game against the lakers said it all :stuck_out_tongue:

Those were aliens who had kidnapped the Spurs. :yikes: The real Spurs team has just made there way back from their newly aquired UFO.

Celtics vs. Lakers, i told you guys. haha
Now I’m happy with either team that wins.

So its what I’ve been saying in my head all along. Celtics over Lakers in seven.