NBD help

OK before anyone says anything, YES, I searched.

I have been trying for some time now (when I have time) to get the dewalt transmission working on a CIM motor. I have followed the white paper, exactly and have the parts made to spec as described in the whitepaper. There is only one small problem. I noticed a little clicking noise while it was running, so I took it apart and tryed to figure it out. So I put it back together with just the 2nd stage in and the click was still there. So I know is is somewhere between the motor and the second stage. I just cant figure out where. I am thinking it may be the clearences. Has anybody else had this problem before?

Sine I don’t have a press in my basement(to test this theory), but could the pressed stage on the motor shaft be too far away fromt he motor?

**Other then this little noise it works fine, I just know the moise means something isn’t working like it should, and I am a perfectionist when it comes to these things.


We had a small problem withe the motor shaft and the gear pressed on it bottoming out in the transmission. All we did was grind it down a little bit.

John call me and I think I can help. Our team uses the NBD system ( Our team developed it - Joe Johnson). I will send you a pm with my phone number.

Right off the distance the carrier gear (we call it the Hat) is pressed on is critical and the backing plate is important - many teams leave this off.