NC FRC Alliance Update!

The NC FRC Alliance Slack is now open for any student and mentor from an NC teams to join here:

The purpose of the NC FRC Alliance will also now be to providing a website for a directory of team’s contact info, a forum for anyone to easily communicate, and a blog to showcase teams and events.

We are asking everyone — both students and mentors — to help create and maintain different aspects of the website!

How can you help?
Please join the NC FRC Alliance Slack here, so we all can start communicating!

What will Slack also be used for?
Slack will still be used as a communication tool for those that are comfortable and familiar with using it. You can use the following statements to use as a guideline on deciding whether to join the Slack:

  • I would like to help create and/or maintain the website.
  • I would like to become a writer for the blog.
  • I would like to help maintain the forum.
  • I would like to create and manage community events (e.g. meetups, hackathons).
  • I would like to start another initiative in the community.
  • I would just like to help wherever I can!

If a team from another region is also interested in helping out and learning more about the NC region, they can join as well. Thanks!