NC FRC Workshops - November 5th, 2016 - Durham, NC

Announcing FRC Peer-to-Peer Workshops for North Carolina!
The FRC Workshops will be held at NCSSM in Durham, NC (1219 Broad Street) on Saturday, November 5th, 2016. We plan to start them around 9-10AM and they will go throughout the day until about 4-5PM.

Our aim is to provide 3 distinct tracks for teams provided we have speakers.
-One track is for technically focused topics like how to use pneumatics, programming, mechanical design, etc.
-One track is for team outreach, marketing, organization, culture, and similarly related subjects.
-One track will be focused on mentoring along with scholarships, college applications, grant writing, resume writing, and anything else we can get that might be useful for teams.

The format for talks will be approximately 1 hour. We recommend talks that last about 40-45 minutes and have at least 15-20 minutes of time for Q&A with the audience. We are open to altering the format if needed for particular talks. Both mentors and students are encouraged to present (especially students!). Projectors and Internet access will be provided to presenters.

We need presenters for any and all of those topics so please volunteer to share what you know. Please submit your proposal here. If we don’t get volunteers to speak then we can’t have awesome talks so PLEASE VOLUNTEER TO SPEAK!

Interested in attending?
Please take the time to fill out the survey here if you are interested in attending. This is a preliminary survey so we can get an estimate for the number of people attending. More details about the schedule along with the precise directions for registering will be coming. If you think you will be attending then PLEASE fill out this survey now.

There is also a survey here for volunteers. We are looking for people who can video the talks, get the videos posted, as well as help us wrangle the crowds. We won’t need a lot of volunteers but if you are interested then let us know.

There will be food trucks for teams to purchase food from as well as the school’s close proximity to 9th Street in Durham (lots of places to shop and eat). The food trucks will be available for lunch only; teams will need to make arrangements for dinner.

If you have any questions then feel free to reach out to Marshall Massengill,, Workshops 2016 Organizer (Hey, that’s me!).

Out of state teams are welcome to come too! Though we do know this conflicts with at least one off season event (I’m sorry Matt!!).


Bumping this back up in hopes that some NC teams (and others too!) notice it. Will have Marie send out another email for this as well. Trying to get responses for planning and we need more speakers!

4561 will be there in some form. We gave one talk at previous workshop on basic electronics and arduino programming and will let you know if we can swing it again.

I’m counting you guys for the “how to do hype right” talk. :wink:

The official date for these is being changed to December 17th based on popular demand. If there is a mod that can change the initial post and title to reflect that then I’d be appreciative.