NC GEARS 1918 LabView Code 2018


The NC GEARS 1918 code for the 2018 season Power Up can be found at the first link below.
The second link contains code for a swerve drive that we developed as an off season project.

Highlights for the team this year included having the turns in Auton field-oriented instead of robot-oriented and having Drive and Manipulator actions in separate structures in Auton, allowing for a Manipulator action to run at the same time as a Drive action is running.


So you guys have figured out something I have been wondering about for about a year now. You have been able to get your code onto GitHub. If you don’t mind, I was wondering if you could give me a couple ideas on how to the same thing. Also, is it possible to launch the full project on another computer? I remember having problems in the past with the new file locations and dependencies.


If you manage your code through GitHub Desktop it works pretty well about file locations. The dependencies are based on computer. So as long as eveyones libraries are in the same place (C: drive) it tracks the file locations very well.


I published a couple of resources in another thread:


I don’t think the GitHub desktop program works with alternative git websites like BitBucket or GitLab. We use SourceTree as it can work with any git based website and even use a flash drive as the remote in case you don’t have internet access (e.g. at competition). This also has information about setting up the LabVIEW merge and diff tools to work with SourceTree.